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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by BennyMC, Jul 7, 2006.

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    You probably get about 100 of these questions every day but im new to recording and im not really a producer as you would say but im an artist that would like to record some of my stuff for a demo. The type of music is hip hop/rap whatever. My maic question is what are the brands that arent the most expensive but still have some good stuff that is easy to use. alrigth guys thanks.

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    You might want to mention what gear you already have like mixer, mic, Drum machine, etc... or nothing.

    What we know:
    Genere Hip Hop
    Intended use creating demos
    Best Bang for $$
    Easy setup

    If you have a PC download Acid Pro6 demo from Sony[] and play with it. If you like it get the full version ACID Pro 6. If not there are other programs available like Propellerheads Reason and FL Studio. Many programs have demo versions avaiable which you can try before you buy. One source of a lot of freeware and shareware music related stuff is [].

    To make setup easier I would suggest using Virtual Instruments (VSTi's) as much as possible. This will limit the input devices you will need. Then the hardware you need is a mic, Audio interface w/preamp, and a input device like keyboard controller or multi pad trigger. To keep the setup simple its best to stick with USB or firewire connections for the hardware. Good Mic would be the Shure SM57. Audio interface need at least single channel with Preamp input. 2 channels or more for simultaneous tracking. Brands like Maudio, Mackie/TAPCO, Presonus... should be ok. Input device (USB) look at Akai, Maudio, Korg, Edirol...

    You need to also do some research. Lookup loop based music creation, drum sequencing, sample time stretching, VSTi's, soft samplers. hip hop production tools...

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