New PC as a Daw... and 4anything else. Possible? Please help

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    Hi everybody i'm new here. Excuse if my english is not perfect, i am from Spain.

    I'm a Dj and i'm going start producing with Cubase SX / Reason (maybe Logic 5.5). I have a PIII 600 that is dying and i need a new PC. But sadly i don't have enough money nor room to get 2 pc's (one for DAW other for gaming, internet etc).

    I've been carefully reading this and other forums and i know nforce4 is a big no-no for audio.

    My preference now is to get an AMD 64 X2 4400+ with a Gygabyte k8ns nforce 3 ultra (with the F6 bios for dual core support). I have a good Mitsubishi crt monitor and i'll add a second monitor (tft, not much space). The sound card will probabbly be a m-audio delta 1010 lt. 2 gb of ram, a raptor ide disc for the system and a raid 0 two fast 160 gb sata discs.

    Obviously the dilemma is the video card. I've been reading the pci-xpress problems and the nforce4 problems. I'll use the pc for learning house music producing but i want to play games too and use it for the rest of things (i know it's not the best i can do but there's no other solution). Also, i want the pc to last 3 years in good service.

    If a get a nforce3 motherboard and a nvidia geforce 6600 GT video card that is AGP bus ¿the audio perfomance will be VERY affected?. I won't probabbly stress the system to the limits because i'm gonna learn music production. Could i produce a track and play games and do all things with this setup?. It's a good compromise solution? There are better ways?

    Maybe using a Tyan mobo with a couple of opterons?. I've read nforce 4 works ok for audio in this case. Could i use a big 3d graphic card with the Tyan and have not so much penalty in the audio perfomance?

    By last... is possible to use the onboard sound for gaming and the m-audio for producing?.

    Any advice for my situation will be welcome. Thank you.

    PD: I need to buy my new pc in July so i need to decide now and i'm getting a serious headache lol.

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