NEW PC Can Anyone help me??

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  1. Can anyone help

    Ive recently put together a new pc and started with a fresh install of xp pro sp2, transferred all the hardware over from old pc to the new one and re installed all the software I had on old one over as well.

    Everything runs sweet, the audio I record (vocals ect…) sound great.
    but the one really annoying thing I have noticed is that the vst instruments do not sound as open or lively/big as they did in old pc? They kinda lack depth and the quality they had in old pc.

    Anyone had this happen? Or if anyone can suggest possible causes??

    These are my basic specs:

    Rme FF800/lacie pci fw800 card, steinberg midex 8, Uad 1,
    emu 4040 pci card (proteus x)

    Nuendo 3, halion 3, korg legacy, hypersonic v1.

    Old pc

    Xp pro sp2
    P4 cpu 3 mhz
    Asus P4P800-X with intel 865pe chipset fsb 800mhz
    4gb ddr 400hz Ram
    standard Graphics card on a vga slot

    New Pc

    Xp Pro Sp2
    Q6600 Quad core 2.4mhz
    Asus P5QL SE with intel P43 chipset fsb 1066mhz
    2gb ddr2 800hz
    GeForce 7200 GS 256MB GDDR2 PCI-E
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    The PC itself shouldn't have this effect on audio quality. (PC performance problems will be heard as click, pops, skips, and delays) Perhaps some settings in your DAW are different on the reinstall? Maybe the bit depth is 16 instead of 24? Or maybe there is a different effect on the master bus? Perhaps the default of the VST instrument channel is mono instead of stereo?
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    Check for differences in the RME mixer. Gecko is correct. The new PC is not the cause. It's something set differently, or it's placebo.
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