New PC on the market for protools 002R? Is it possible?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by bossa, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. bossa

    bossa Active Member

    Dec 27, 2004
    :D This is not actually available yet, but probably soon will be. I wanted to know what the experts in this forum think about this configuration if I want to load Protools 002R LE into this PC.
    here's the link:
    I will probably go budget and get the $999 version. They contend that this will kick any AMD processing 's butt.

    1) will it work ok with PTLE 002R and/or will there be problems? (yeah yeah, I know there will be some problems)
    2) should I get something else, and if so, what? Keeping in mind the $1000 budget for the computer.
    I have seen good advice online regarding building my own system from the ground up, but it has so little to do with playing guitar...which is where all this gadget stuff really started!

    Many many thank you's in advance. rocks and all you wizards out there deserve a pat on the back. Or at least, a system that doesn't crash...

    Remain in light 8)

  2. BladeSG

    BladeSG Guest

    That PC you linked us to will run Pro Tools LE with a OO2R. It might not have a compatible firewire port though that the 002R requires. This is easily fixed with a PCI Adaptec Firewire controller card.

    The things to bear in mind with this PC are:
    1. That computer doesn't have a dedicated Audio HDD
    2. Has onboard graphics which will hinder the performance slightly.
    3. Runs at 533Mhz FSB and the 845G chipset only allows for a 533Mhz FSB CPU (Ruling out a CPU upgrade) and DDR333 (PC2700) memory.

    IMHO that PC wouldn't be a consideration for me at that price point because all of the above factors hinder performance and depending on what you want from the PC in terms of track counts and plugin counts.

    I'm almost 99.9% sure you can do alot better than that for $1000.

    Ideally you want something that is spec'd like the 'creationstationpro' without the price tag this particular one incurrs. If you shop around with a parts list based on this PC you should be able to get it much cheaper. The advantage of Intel 800Mhz FSB CPU's and the support for dual channel DDR400 memory is leaps and bounds ahead of the older technology that is the 'creationstationtower'.

    Keep in mind also that currently digidesign are having compatability issues with Intel 915/925 based setups, so I'd recommend looking for Intel 875P and 865PE chipset platforms.
  3. bossa

    bossa Active Member

    Dec 27, 2004
    Wow. Fantastic info. Thanks a million. I guess it's looking like I might be building from the ground up, a task I find a little daunting. But in the long run, maybe a much better solution.

  4. bossa

    bossa Active Member

    Dec 27, 2004
    As much as the thought of building a computer interests me, the time factor is an issue, and I hardly get to play my guitar as it is. If I let myself become absorbed in this stuff I may loose my touch on guitar completely! :(

    So how about this one then? Looks like it has 2 drives.

    I am not expective to have to do any upgrades in the next couple of years. Basically my studio is a home studio. I would like to start recording more clients, but only need a reasonably simple operating system that will do what is expected for the $$. ie. it doesn't have to have the bells and whistles.

    Muchas gracias.


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