new ribbon tweeter samson monitors...?

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by jimbo_baby84, May 23, 2005.

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    hey guys, while reading my audio technology magazine, i happened across an ad for new studio monitors by samson that have ribbon tweeters, and are in the sub $500 price range. for a while i've been considering my options for nearfields to complement my atc scm 50a main/midfield monitors, thinking about everything from trusty old ns10's to genelecs, events, maybe even little pmc's or adam's, but these things are temping for the almost non existant price. do you think they would be too low brow for a nice pro studio? has anyone used them?

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    Ribbons have issues

    I have now built three sets of monitors using BG neo3 ribbons. They have issues. One is, dispersion. I'm not sure what tweets the monitors in question use but the neo's have terrible vertical dispersion. You must be in absolute control of placement. Another is crossover point - which can be addressed by engineering. Last, they are not flat. Maybe they engineered around it. Watch out for a big 1/2 octave dip down 4 db somewhere between 4 and 8k - a critical range.

    That said, the new generation of ribbon tweeters sound great. New material technologies make them possible. btw, to beat the dispersion issue I used 12 per side on a pair of line arrays. That fixed it.

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