New rig/ SATA weirdness

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by bean438, Jul 15, 2005.

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  1. bean438

    bean438 Guest

    I decided to use the SATA drive on my new DAW, despite others saying not to. No drivers were needed during the install.
    Everything went fine until reboot. I either fixed a no boot problem by disableing "boot from HD", to "boot from "other", or I think I changed the boot sequence from my SATA to the Maxtor IDE.

    Anyway, everything is up and running, but my OS drive (SATA) is me "E" drive, and my Maxtor is my "C" drive.
    Is there a way to have my SATA drive as a C ands not E drive?
    Perhaps installing windows with ONLY the SATA drive attached? (I had both drives attached.
    SATA in SATA 3 connector, Maxtor IDE in Primary as a master, and my Liteon in my secondary as a master is how things were hooked up.
    Everything is working fine. It is just weird to see "E" as my system drive.
    I heard that windows installs the boot files in drive C regardless of where windows is installed, which may have caused my issues.
    Any advice?

    Also, I added a new HD to my Dell pc. It now takes a long time to boot..tells me hard drive cannot be found...tells me to press F1 to continue....everything rund fine. Lol.
    What happened, and how to fix?


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