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Discussion in 'Computing' started by fito_88, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. fito_88

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    Jan 26, 2012
    hey guys im building a new pc dedicated only for music recording with Cubase and ableton , and i will mainly be recording midi.
    my new build is :

    CPU : i7-2700k Sandy Bridge

    Motherboard : AsRock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3

    PSU : Corsair HX-650

    RAM : G.skill DDR3 16GB 1600 mhz

    SSD for OS : Crucial m4 256 gb

    HD : Hitachi 7200rpm 1gb

    Case: Cooler Master HAF X 942

    CPU COOLER : Noctua NH-D14

    Case fan : CoolerMaster MegaFlow 200

    is their any bottle necks about this build guys? specially the motherboard does it have any issues with stability or latency issues ?
  2. Lurri90

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    Feb 10, 2012
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    There should be no issues with this gear, all high end equipment, personally i'd add a GPU for comfort and make sure you get a 64bit version of W7 so you utilize all that memory.
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