New SF-2 Ribbon Microphone from Royer Labs

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    We’re proud to announce the release of our new SF-2 ribbon microphone. The product of extensive research and field testing, SF-2 prototype models have been used on literally hundreds of sessions in major studios and scoring stages over the past few years. Many recording engineers have asked us to put the SF-2 into production and it is now a commercially available microphone from Royer Labs.

    The SF-2 is a mono, phantom powered ribbon microphone with an extremely natural sounding pickup, flat frequency response, excellent off-axis response, condenser-level output and fast transients response. Like all Royer microphones, the SF-2 comes with a lifetime warranty to the original owner and, if/when needed, the first re-ribbon is free.

    Excelling on choir, piano, woodwinds, strings and many other applications, the SF-2 has been well received by engineers whose focus is on recording classical music, movie & game scores and acoustic instruments.

    A few comments from our friends:

    "We have many wonderful microphones in the Skywalker Sound locker, but once I tried the SF-2 I knew we had to add a pair. It is a beautiful sounding microphone, especially for orchestra instruments like timpani."
    Leslie Ann Jones – multi Grammy-winning Engineer, Director Music Recording and Scoring at Skywalker Sound

    "Who would have thought such a little ribbon mic as the Royer SF-2 would have such a magnificent, smooth, AND detailed sound? I've used these babies as main orchestra mics, main chorus mics, solo vocal and instrument mics, and even on Leslie cabinets. The SF-2 is an essential tool in MY bag of tricks!"
    Michael Bishop – multi Grammy-winning Engineer, Telarc, Five/Four Productions

    Jack Vad, Grammy nominated Chief Producer/Engineer for the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, detailed his thoughts on recording with the SF-2 in this writing.

    The SF-2 ships standard with an aluminum presentation case, SFS-2 shock mount, mic sock, manual and documentation. Retail price: $2,495.00

    There is also a Deluxe version. This contains an SF-2 with premium accessories including a beautiful Padauk wooden presentation case, an RSM-24 shock mount, a 20-foot Royer-built microphone cable, mic sock, manual and documentation, all packaged in a nice aluminum carrying/storage case. Retail price: $3,295.00

    For more information on the SF-2 go to Royer Studio Ribbon Mics - SF-2
  • Royer ribbon microphones - Why?

    Simply put, when you put a quality ribbon mic on an instrument, voice, or other sound source, what you hear on playback is closer to real sound in nature than with any other kind of microphone.

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