New Sound Library: Drums And Percussion of Ancient Mexico from Sounds And Effects

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    Sounds And Effects announces that Drums and Percussion of Ancient Mexico sound library has been released for N-I Kontakt. Recorded in Mexico, the library includes the fierce and, in early times, very feared Aztec Huehuetl war drums, the ceremonial Tepanozatli hollow log drums, Aztec husk rattles and husk shakers, gourd shakers, natural pod shakers, the deep Shamanic frame drum of the Copper Canyon Indians- Tarahumara or Raramuri (the ‘running Indians’) which is still used in ceremonies and Peyote rituals, a Cantaro- a clay-pot drum from Chiapas, which here is filled with various levels of water to produce different pitches, a Tamboril Requinto (hand drum) from Jalisco where it used to accompany flute, a bright Pandeiro shaken, rubbed, and struck, large and small Maracas, scraped Guiro, sharply struck Claves, Tamborin --spinning-drum, and bright copper hand bells, struck dull iron bells, and the clinking of clay bells.

    Also the wild, wild sounds of the ancient Mayan friction drum, which makes clicks and pops and groans, and is known to have once been used in for imitating the sound of the female jaguar.

    For contents and more see:
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