New Studio what essentials am i missing

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by richerich, Jul 1, 2004.

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  1. richerich

    richerich Guest

    I am just starting my own full studio, dont get me wrong i have been playing with music for yrs but only on a small level in my basement, anyways i will be recording mainly hip hop and i was woundering if anyone can help me find what i am missing and tell me the best product for hip hop,

    this is what i currently have

    1. anolog mixer

    2. P.C.

    3. Acid pro 3.0

    4. sound forge 7.0

    5. vegas video

    6. blue tube pre amp

    7. blue tube compressor

    8. mpc 4000

    9. cordless mic

    10. drum machine

    11. Record player

    12. midi keyboard (basic)

    13. headphones

    These are the things i know i still need, im just not sure what is the best products for hip

    1. monitors (??????)

    2. better mic (??????)

    3. ????????? (Please Help)
  2. dabmeister music

    dabmeister music Active Member

    Jan 11, 2003
    Woodbridge, Va
    Home Page:
    Well for starters, what I don't see is your soundcard or I/O interface. And I assume you're tracking w/ Vegas Video which is'nt bad but you could fair better with some others (DAW S/W). First I'd get the monitors & mic together. You have a vast choice of condensors as well as monitors. Here's what I'd go for, Event Bi-amped monitors (any of the 8" models), an Audio Technica 4050, 4033, or 3035, Rode NTK, or K2, Shure KSM32 or 44, Neumann M127 or 147. I noticed you don't have a midi interface. I'll sell you my MOTU midi express if your interested. What type of mixer are you using? And second, how's your PC holding up? Also I too do R&B, HipHop, Gospel and some Classical (very little). We share some similarities on equipment too.
  3. richerich

    richerich Guest

    my soundcard is soundblaster audiolgy platinum with window xp home edition, i am tracking with acid pro 3.0 i dont use vegas much i assumed they were simular. i was looking into the BLUE baby bottle or the Dragonfly mic have you heard anything on them? my mixer is beringhimer "for now" i do need a midi interface how much are you asking for it? and my computer is more than enofe for now i bought a e-machine ha ha i know its not the best but i just got it at best buy for 600 - 2.8Mhz - 120GB -

    what are you making your beats with?
  4. dabmeister music

    dabmeister music Active Member

    Jan 11, 2003
    Woodbridge, Va
    Home Page:
    I have the MPC4000 & Roland R8 drum machines. I also use a behringer MX8000 (Mackie Clone). I also have an Echo Layla (hardly used) that'll work perfect w/ your setup. You can do better with that card as opposed to the soundblaster. We can make arrangements via email if you're interested, and I'll give you some additional info. I'm pretty good with building PC's too if that'll help. Furthermore, that's not a bad idea to purchase the Blue babybottle mic you previously mentioned. If you can afford it, I'd go for an additional mic to add flavor/character to your sound. This is just another way to start building your mic cabinet.
  5. richerich

    richerich Guest

    what other mic do you sugest, and what benifits do the echo lalya have over my current sound card? you can email me with the rest if you want to make arrangements. what are you using for softwear?
  6. richerich

    richerich Guest

    what info do i need to look up echo lalya i seached the web for it and could not find it?
  7. dabmeister music

    dabmeister music Active Member

    Jan 11, 2003
    Woodbridge, Va
    Home Page:
    Well, it depends on what you're after (as far as mic characteristics are concerned). Each manufacturer has their own signature, so you'll have to do some homework on that. I personally own a AT4033 & 3035 for now but will invest in some others in the near future. I like the AT3035 because it has a little more in the mid to low end than the 4033. The Echo Layla is more prosumer that the SoundBlaster and has 8 in & 10 out all on 1/4 in. balanced I/O. It also has midi in, out, and thru and word clock I/O. You'll love it. And as far as my software is concerned, I'm running Cubase SX 1.06 for now but will definitely upgrade to version 2.0 soon. This new version is compatible with ProTools so I'll have a lot to gain from upgrading. Here's the webpage for Echo,
  8. daveMusic

    daveMusic Guest


    I'd definitely get away from the soundblaster. Also take a closer look at Vegas (video has been dropped from the name) for your mutlitracking. The new version, 5.0, just came out and is awesome for mutlitracking and editing audio. I do all my multitracking in Vegas and have no complaints. The only thing Vegas is really lacking is midi but you don't say wheather or not that's a big concern for you. Acid is a great tool for looping but won't cut it for multitracking. With all the timestretching and pitch shifting going on, Acid isn't very great with long recorded tracks, and well it can only record one stereo or mono track at a time.

    Check out the new Vegas features here:

    Also, you could do better than the blue tube. it's decent if you're just starting out but you and recordings would do well to look at some better preamps. I went from a blue tube a few years ago to a Summit Audio 2ba-221 and there was a big difference.

    happy hunting to you

  9. richerich

    richerich Guest

    thanx for thi info davemusic ill check it out
  10. tripnek

    tripnek Active Member

    Jun 9, 2003
    If you want "pro" quality results, I would start with better software. Steinberg's Cubase or preferably Nuendo. Then for the sound card. I would at least go for something in the M-Audio Delta 1010 but much preferably something like the Apogee ROSETTA 800 or the NEW Apogee ROSETTA 200. You could also skip the software and hardware mentioned above and go for a Small Pro tools rig. I would suggest against the "LE" versions. Now on to the Mic, preamp and comp.
    I don't do rap myself, I've read many interviews with, talked to and read posts by many many hip hop guys. And although there are many choices out there, their set up is overwelmingly the same.
    EV RE-20 -> Avalon 737 -> converter.
    Most rappers don't use condensers for vocals. Those who do generally use the High-end Neumanns like the U87 or U67 or othe rcomperable brands. The AT4033 may do OK at a great price but The RE-20 is very economical as well and if so many rappers are using it on comercial releases, there must be something to it. There are many other choices out there but if you want quality results you gotta pay the big bucks. Though you can help the budget if you buy these items used. Below are links to the gear I mentioned and I've listed a few other options at the bottom.

    (dead link removed)
    (dead link removed)
    (dead link removed)

    Shure SM7
    Sennheiser MD421

    Mic pre/Comp combos:
    GML 2020
    API 7600
    Focusrite Red 7
    UA 6176
    Manley VOXBOX
    Drawmer 1969

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