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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by eonblue, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. eonblue

    eonblue Guest

    I am considering purchasing a D800 from Sonica Labs in the near future and I have a few questions regarding audio interfaces and preamps.

    1. I own a Sebatron Thorax which is generally considered a quality preamp. Lets say I bought an audio interface which consisted of 4 channels of poor quality preamps and a d/a converter. The question is, wouldn't running the Sebatron through a poor quality preamp negate the benefits of the Sebatron?(damn I probably have too much preamp for my skill level) Or can you generally bypass preamps on such audio interfaces?

    2. Would I be better served buying a pure digital to analog converter and buying another preamp later?

    2. Can someone recommend a audio interface that would suit my needs considering my circumstances which is under $1000?

    Am I way of the mark here?
  2. Lerxst

    Lerxst Guest

    I have MOTU 896's and bypass the pre's when using my UA LA-610. The built in pre's are "okay", but after using a quality pre - I'm spoiled and I'm going to have to buy more.

    If I were to start again I would buy a bunch of outboard pre's and pure quality converters, but I am not unhappy with what I have - it functions and sounds great.

    So I would recommend an Apogee, but a Rosetta with two channels is going to put you over 1K - an RME Fireface for around 1.4K would also put you over.

    Digidesign, MOTU are both good and could keep you under or right at 1K. There a lot of new stuff that I haven't used - but off the top of my head this is what I would look at.
  3. eonblue

    eonblue Guest

    While we are at it...I was looking at the RME Multiface II and here is what it says:

    8 x analog line I/O, 96 kHz/24 bit, SNR 111 dBA, 1/4" TRS jacks

    Alright, unless otherwise specified, am I to assume that all the inputs are pure digital to analog converters? Hell, now im looking at the Fireface and I can't tell wth is going on and if you CAN bypass the preamplifiers on an interface how do you do it?
  4. Lerxst

    Lerxst Guest

    So with the MOTU's I can set the input to "fixed" which bypasses the pre. I'm not familiar with the Multiface but it looks like its line level. You could just email RME with the question... :idea:

    I've heard good things about RME's stuff - it may be a good cost/performance solution for you.
  5. Lerxst

    Lerxst Guest

    One thing that I forgot to mention is that onboard pre's can be handy if you are mobile with your recordings and don't want to tote around thos nice Seb's, UA's, API's.
  6. eonblue

    eonblue Guest

    Thanks for the reply. I think you answered my original question indirectly, but I just wanted to clarify. If you run a sweet preamp through a shite preamp you will most likely nullify the benefits of having a sweet pre. Right?

    Ohh yeah, and I still don't know on the Fireface and Multiface if the Analog inputs are preamps or just digital to analog confused. The reason I ask is because on my Sebatron pre there is a 1/4" jack along with an XLR input.
  7. Lerxst

    Lerxst Guest

    So I'll try to answer these as direct as possible. The Seb is a high quality pre. Your onboard pre could have a negative affect on your recording quality and nullify the Sebs' "sweetness". Just get something without pre’s or, if you need the onboard pre’s get a unit that allows you to bypass them - simple as that. From the people I’ve talked to, and IMO, the RME converters are regarded well and same with MOTU. If you want high end through and through get the Apogee.

    I think your Seb would be fine with RME or MOTU. I noticed a definite and positive difference when I started using my outboard pre through the bypassed MOTU pre. Sweet indeed. :)

    The RME fireface has pre’s built in, what you need to know is if you can bypass them. The Multiface does not appear to have built in pre’s just line level inputs and a switch to adjust to a fixed level. Like I said, just email RME and ask them the question – very simple – and it’s not a stupid question.
  8. eonblue

    eonblue Guest

    Very helpful, thank you......Im not even going to tell you what the Seb is going through right now........blasphemy I tell you.
  9. Lerxst

    Lerxst Guest

    It's a SoundBlaster isn't it. :shock:
  10. eonblue

    eonblue Guest

    No, its a commercial audio interface........but you could buy around 8 of them for the price of the preamp *starts crying in shame* But hey, Im working on it man!!!
  11. Lerxst

    Lerxst Guest

    Don't feel bad - My first digital recording experience was with my SB AWE 64 - whoo hoo! :crackle-pop-crackle-drop:

    But - I found out how convenient digital recording is, and now I enjoy using it very much however, I've resigned to the fact that it will never be as warm as my old analog deck.

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