New to Computer-Based Home Recording - A Few Questions

Discussion in 'Computing' started by OiyZaS, Jan 29, 2006.

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  1. OiyZaS

    OiyZaS Guest

    I want to start Computer-Based recording at home, but I have a few questions. I've seen tons of websites like that tell you what you basically need to get started. However, they fail to mention what the items are used for or why you need them. I don't have enough experience yet to know exactly what everything is used for. Like I said, I'm new to this. Anyway, a few basic questions:

    1)Are you supposed to have a MIDI Interface (to record synth) and an Audio Interface (to record vocals, MIC instruments, etc)? And those hook right up to a PC with USB right?

    2)Do you need a Preamp and an Audio Interface? I don't get the difference, they look the same. I found some AudioInterface/Preamps from M-Audio, but they only have 2 MIC Inputs.

    3)What are PCI Interfaces for? Are they just a substitute for Audio Interface?

    4) With my midi interface, there is a delay between when I hit a key on my keyboard and when the sound comes from my speakers. Is this because of my computer or the interface?

    These questions probably sound dumb to you guys, but I need help. Thank you.
  2. Well mostly, you should try to get the equiptment that fits your needs the best.

    If you ask whoever your buying from, they'll probably tell you what you should get, but make shure theyre not just saying things so you just buy their product.

    Ask em about 7 to 8 times so it actually runs into their heads.
    I love that place. They are the first place I've ever seen that treats you with respect. Talk to Mark Magditch if you can. He's a nice guy!

    Well... an audio interface is basically a "converter" that takes real sound and turns it into digital information for the computer. They can hook up to your pc via firewire (if you have a fire wire port), usb,
    If you get a USB audio intrface, as long as you have a good enough computer, you should be set!

    And with a preamp, real sound in, real sound out! It usually doesnt have anything to do with digital. However if your audio interface cant power your mics, you will need a preamp.

    I'm not shure if you need a midi interface. It depends on if you use a midi or not. If you have no idea what a Midi is, than you dont need one. Its like a digital instrument.

    I have a Pre Sonus Firepod fire wire audio interface.
    It has 8 seperate mic channels each with 48volt phantom power.
    They run for $600 I belive, and they come wth Cubase Le for free (a recording software) Oh dont forget youll need a recording software.

    The pre sonus firepod runs at 24 bit/ 96Khz
    That means
    24 bit- the quality of the recording
    96 Khz- the number of times the interface "checks or looks at the recording"

    There are also many other audio interfaces. Ask the guys at sweetwater or keep asking around here (
    if you dont feel like spending a fortune, you can get a small mixer and put the outputs into the interface inputs. Like those big studio mixers on tv only way smaller. the only problem with atat is you cant keep everything as seperated if you want to edit it later.
    With the firepod I can adjust all the drums seperately since I have 8 seperate channels.

    And that midi delay is , I'm guessing, because your sample rate (thats the 96Khz deal) is to low. Maby its at 44.1Khz or 44.8 Khz.
    That or its your midi cable. I dont know too much about that midi stuff.

    Well theres your crash course from me to you.
    I'm not shure all of this is right. I'm in a hurry. Ask about it.
    Give me an e-mail and tell me how it all goes

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