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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by DuoArt, Jun 12, 2006.

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    Good day everyone,

    Let me introduce myself, I am Alan Turner of Winnipeg, CANADA. I collect, repair and rebuild Reproducing and Player Pianos as a hobby and I would like to learn some rudimentary techniques to record the performances from the pianos after I complete the rebuilds. Ideally, I'd like the recordings to be as good as possible nearing professional quality.

    I am new to this group and sound recording in general. I am hoping to get some advice and tips for recording piano in my home with very modest equipment. This will strictly be a hobby for my own enjoyment.

    I have a Duo-Art reproducing 6-1/2 foot grand piano, and many original roll recordings of some fantastic piano performances from the early part of the last century (copyrights have expired) The piano is in a moderate sized livingroom probably with terrible accoustical properties for recording purposes.

    Though I have decent computer hardware, PowerMac G5, for the mixing and editing process, I am certainly lacking in the area of decent microphones and software for handling the process. Any suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciated

    Alan Turner
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    Hi Alan, this forum is the best place to get information. Lots of experieces. I can't offer much about the Mic choice. There is a good freeware program you might try called Audacity. The program is for MAC or PC. The link I am sure a few more people will post to help you out.

    Best Wishes

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