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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by nme138, Aug 1, 2005.

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    im thinking of picking one up ... will it stream each of the 8 pres in on seperate tracks or down to one? because im sick of trying to have it all right on the money when i record it and it be nice to be able to turn things up down later
    never recorded with firewire before so any help would be appreciated
  2. You can record each input to a separate track by choosing the proper settings in your recording program. The settings depend on the recording program.
  3. nme138

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    im using cubase sx
  4. nme138

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    will that work?
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    i use cubase sx and it works perfectly with my firepod. if you want to track drums individually, look for something called "VST Connections." i can't remember off-hand which menu it's under, but it'll let you set up all your inputs.
  6. Hardware compressor where?

    From the recording sessions I have done with friends and stuff, it's becoming apparent I probably need a compressor for vocals; I'm often riding the knobs and such. However, from everything I've read here you are supposed to run the compressor post-pre pre-interface. I'm running everything through a presonus firepod, which is an interface and pre in one, so I'm wondering how I would set up a hardware compressor or if it's even possible to include it in my signal chain.

    Also, if it is possible and efficient to set up a compressor with my firepod, I'm wondering what you guys suggest for sub 300 (cheaper the better). Thanks.
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    channels 1 and 2 have inserts. that's what i use and you can practically chain together as many processors as you want.

    from the presonus site:

    "Channels 1 and 2 feature fully balanced send and return TRS connectors on the rear of the rugged metal chassis for inserting outboard dynamics, EQ and effects processors."

    see the connections on the far right of this picture. those are the send/return connections:
  8. Thank you. I have a few more questions. If there any way I can make the click track play just out of my cue out or the front headphone pannel? Also, on Cubase LE, with out using the saved file from their site, whenever I want to record with the firepod I only see bus 1 and bus 2, which let me record the first time inputs. How can I get it to show me and let me record on inputs 3-8?
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    not sure about the click track thing, but i think i remember seeing something about how to do that. i'll try to think a little harder about that.

    as far as the problem with cubase LE, this is from the FAQ on the presonus site:

    Q: Why can I only record 2 inputs at a time in Cubase LE? / Why can I only use 2 outputs in Cubase LE?
    A: You can record 10 simultaneous inputs with the Firepod in Cubase LE. You need to activate the other inputs/outputs in order to use them. Go to the Devices tab, then to Device Setup. Highlight “VST Multitrack”, and select the “PreSonus ASIO” driver and “Internal” clock. Now go back to the Devices tab and go to “VST Inputs”. Expand the window to show all input buses and activate each bus by clicking on the “power button” (the button will turn blue). Now all inputs from the Firepod will be available to choose from for each track. Go back to the Devices tab and go to “VST Outputs” and activate each output bus. Now all physical outputs on the Firepod will be available to choose from as an output for each track in the software. At this point, you should be able to record from any physical input and playback out of any physical output on the Firepod in Cubase LE.
  10. Thanks man, but I have another question. Is there any way I can use a different pre and just use the firepod as an interface? And if so would I have to do it only on channels one and two? Also, what exactly are the balanced outputs for?
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    here's a good explanation of balanced vs. unbalanced signals:

    if you want to use a separate preamp, use inputs 3 through 8. on the back of the firepod are line-level inputs for those tracks. so just plug into your preamp, then run the preamp into one of the inputs on the back of the firepod.

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