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Discussion in 'Computing' started by joegalvan, Mar 24, 2009.

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    First off, let me say hi, I am happy to be here.. I really want to get into recording, so I was browsing on here and noticed alot of bad things about people trying to record and Vista. I have Vista on my machine, does that mean I am going to run into issues? have never had any issues with Vista. I do work with comps for a living, and am very familiar with turning off the annoyances of the OS...maybe thats why? shrugs.. dont know.. not saying I am a know it all by any means.. As far as my comp - Intel Xtreme 3.0, Ocd to 3.4 4ghz ddr 2 ram, 2.5 TB of HD space ( soon to get another 1 TB drive), 8800gt vc.. not that thats important. I installed Ableton live, and it runs and loads flawlessly.. is this maching sufficient to get into recording? Will the programs such as Cubase, Protools,etc run on Vista? Thanks again
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    Wow no response.. I am saddened :)
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    Not too saddened judging from the happy face.

    No news is good news.

    Google will tell you if those programs work on Vista, I think they do.

    Vista is an OS, recording is an art. One is a tool the other is a process.

    Sufficient is a subjective thing. Unlike proficient.

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