Newb help w/set-up ~ BR-1600 to Desktop by/to Stereo ~ [ ? ]

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  1. Hello all – I'm making this thread here in hopes of finding a bit of guidance, gaining some insight from others with knowledge about what I’m trying to do, and whatever else I may need to know.

    :arrow: What I would specifically like to do, is put together a solid set-up with some combination of gear I have to use:

    BOSS BR-1600
    Technics SA-AX530 Stereo Receiver
    Peavey XRD 680 8-channel PA
    Fender Princeton Chorus Amp
    Peavey Bandit 112 Amp (x2)
    Pentium4 Desktop (running XP)

    Hypothetically, I would like to record through the BR-1600, and run output to a desktop for storage, organization, editing, and the like. Also, I would like to have the option of live monitoring/playback directly through my stereo speakers/receiver, or PA/Amp(s).

    :idea: Ideas about what I could do to make the best use of my gear, and what things I might want/need to add (if any) to get this up and running (i.e. MIDI interface; software) would be of great help!! Any thoughts really! So for now, I leave this in your able hands and thanks in advance!
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    Re: Newb help w/set-up ~ BR-1600 to Desktop by/to Stereo ~ [

    Forget the PA, unless you REALLY wanna listen to everything in mono...and even probably wouldn't sound good if it COULD do stereo for mixing/monitoring purposes.

    Don't expect much in the way of monitoring, mixing or listening quality running through a home stereo. You may get it to sound good through it, but chances are good that it will sound bad if you burned a CD and tried to play it elsewhere.

    You may try the free Audacity program to start with in the computer. You'll need to get the BR1600 tracks in there, however it's done with that. Should be in the manual.

    The guitar amps are not important to this discussion, really. It depends on what type of music you play, but I'd consider those not much more than practice amps. (Although, any preconception is open to being busted. You may be just the person who nails a signature sound with something like one of those. Who knows? :? ). Any amps will be done by plopping a mic in front, unless you insist on using a direct out.

    Once the BR1600 tracks are in the computer, then you'll need some kind of digital audio interface to run them back out of. Look for USB or FireWire options with at least two channels. Your quality requirements at this stage are not that great, and decent two-channel ones can be had inexpensively. Better, probably, to learn on something less complex and less expensive if this is all new to you.

    Decent mics would help. Headphones for tracking, maybe? Bone up on monitors, as mentioned earlier. You'll likely get responses about "the room", but I wouldn't worry about that until you've got at least a workable, better-than-you-have setup.

    I'm really not trying to burst your bubble, but you've basically listed only two things that, even as they might lie on the margins, might enable somewhat of a "solid setup". That would be the Boss, because you've already got it and it's useable, and the computer, though we know nothing about it except it's a P4 w/XP. Depending on your intended use, it may or may not be powerful enough. And I suspect it's definitely not properly prepared for intensive digital audio recording.

    Best bet is to browse the forums here, and if something catches your eye, do a search in the forums for similar threads. I'm talking monitors, audio interfaces, recording techniques, digital audio programs (or DAWs), mic'ing...just browse and I'm sure you'll find many interesting subjects that you can then do further searches on here and the Internet at large to learn more.

    I doubt anyone can give you a more complete answer than this, for what you've provided. Hopefully, I've suggested enough for you to start.

    Good luck,

    Kapt.Krunch :wink:
  3. Very good, and duly noted. Should help me get going with a new plan. Thank you much for the response. :)

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