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Discussion in 'Vocalists' started by nunieboy, May 5, 2010.

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    sorry if this has been posted before i just don't know who else to go to except this awesome forum.

    so I'm recording my vocals over john legends ordinary people. but it sounds more like a voice over than part of the song... i don't know how to get my sound to be better. i just need to know if its my mic that makes it sound like a voice over, or the mix. or some kinda part of my hardware, or my stupidity on mixing.

    sorry if this thread is pointless, just ignore if it is, any help would be GREATLY appreciated
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    What mic are you using? How are you recording? What is your gain staging? Why do you think your vocals are going to sound like a professionally mastered recording?
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    Ive been there, you just record and dont do any mix don't you ?
    Use a "compressor" <--- Belive it helpt me alot and its the only way for me to make it sound like the vocals belong there, tips use a little delay and ofcourse some reverb to youre vocals etc etc just experiment youre way ..
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    whats the vocal track sound like???? dude we cant give you practical advice without hearing the problem, if there is even a problem. if you've not recorded before then it most likely your inexperience thats making it not be what you want it to be.
    put up an mp3 and we all can give you advice, just sticking a comp on it with delay and reverb on it wont FIX your problem. adding those things makes it WORSE

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