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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by kholla, May 26, 2005.

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  1. kholla

    kholla Guest

    i am new to writing music... fresh blood no experience.. i can buy sonar 3 to write dance music or is there something easier and better for me to get started with?
  2. Reason is a great tool if you're into loop-based compostition and dance music. Sonar 3 is more versatile but less direct.[/url]
  3. fontane

    fontane Guest

    Good point... Reason is "all-in-one" and can get you going right out of the box...

  4. axel

    axel Guest

    i disagree, totally...
    even if you are a newbie, don't waist your time learning and using a TOY (IMO) you will hit the limit very fast, if you really want to create, and maybee record music in the long run...

    learn something propper, like DP, Logic, Cubase...
    a bit more difficult to get your head arround at first, but well worth it as you will once you know your tools be practically limitless, and you can make use of bigger studios, as you will most likely find any of the above mentioned progs incl. pro tools and samplitude / sequia...
    but hardly reason or fruityloops in a "pro" or more advanced studio!!

    reason is ok-ish as an addition with rewire, but don't make it to your main tool, you will just end up sounding like hundred thousend of other reason songs, same sounds, same plugs, same, same, same arrrghhh........

    but that's just my opinion, every one i know who takes music serious got tired of those "easy all in ones apps" and re-learned something decent, in my eyes a waist of time!!!

    don't be scared of learning a prog (your tool) without coming up with a single tune for maybeea month, ok do it quick get reason and make a tune in a day... and hit the limit within half a year and start all over again...

  5. fontane

    fontane Guest

    i think you are a funny and passionate guy

    it seems like you stand against any technology or skill sets that help make the creation process more intuitive or efficient... i take it that you spend days on end or maybe even weeks creating songs?

    it's not how long it takes to write a song, or how much time you spend developing the song... it's how well it moves the dance floor and how well it sells to support yourself... thats all you nned to worry about... ok, let me recap once again:

    Fontane's list of worries...
    1 - Worry about how people react to your music on the dance floor ie does it keep them grooving which in retuen means djs are playing your $*^t every where

    2 - Worry about djs playing your $*^t and keeping their dance floors happy and grooving because this will in return lead to license opportunities and single or album sales to financially support your creative addiction

    don't geek out dude, dance music is just that - music to dance to... don't complicate things by worrying about if other musicians like it or not, we are too criticial which in return could be our worst enemy...

    i do agree though that learning something more traditional like a DAW has it's benefits... that is how i got started... cakewalk 2.0, various versions later,opcode vision, sonar, and now digital performer....

    i too thought reason was a toy and refused to buy it... even when i had a hacked copy i only used it once or twice...

    but, i do know professionals who are using it to release music in the dance industry on a regular basis, granted it is not their only source of production (they use it for highlights and fills across their pro tools tracks) but the fact is that it is still being used by professionals who support themselves and family off of using reason as part of their production...
  6. jonnyc

    jonnyc Member

    Apr 21, 2005
    I have a friend that always wants to do things the hardest way. He said he needed a rythm guitar player, I play a little guitar, kinda know what I'm doing so I told him teach me the songs and I'll play. He refused he said he wouldn't just teach me songs he need to teach me everything so that I can just play the songs. I understand that's the way it should be but I was just wanting to help. Point is yeah musicians are super critical. The same guy listens to some of the recordings I do for other bands and has never had one single positive thing to say about them, don't have the heart to tell him most of his songs suck too. Tries too hard to be a musicians musician. If you're worried about taking the easy road don't, I started this music thing about 5 years ago with Acid. Had a long lay off then came back to Acid about a year and a half ago then after a while realized I need more. Start small the build up.
  7. kholla

    kholla Guest

    So I'm thinking about buying Acid Pro would that most likely be the best beginner cd to use im really new and don't no anything i just bought new speakers and a soundcard so Acid P{ro i think would be my best option give me more opinions if you could thanx
  8. axel

    axel Guest

    fontane wrote:
    i agree to a certain point, and yes i am passionate, very passionate indeed, that cheap stuff works is without any doubth...
    MC donalds sells as well worldwide successfull, is it any good??
    but nevermind i just remember a post from kurt on the subject of quality, mp3s are very successful, sold in millions via the net, and what??? they are shite, absolut sonically &^%&^%&^%&^$, so what??? going cheap, because of fast selling average results?? and people who don't care??
    yeah do as you wish and please, i refuse to be part of it.

    speed: once you learn propperly a good DAW prog, you can (i can) create tracks / songs within hours, no problem, without limits and i can go in any pro studio and make use of it without having an engineer, i don't say don't use reason or fruityloops or whatever at all.

    axel wrote:

    i have said don't make it to your main tool, go for something propper learn it propper and then use the addition, like reason, which once you can use DP or logic or cubase you will learn within a couple of hours cause it's so simple...
    that's all, rewire is a great idea in addition to real cables, just my 2cents
  9. franco5885

    franco5885 Guest

    I think that definately for dance tracks and music then Reason should be your choice. I've got mates into dance music that have created over 300 songs just on Reason, they're not all identical, but they are all pretty similar in the sense that structure of the songs are similar and the layout ie drum n bass, synths, piano parts etc., but then again, aren't most dance songs like that too?

    I heard that Prodigy's last album was all done on Reason. The main guy behind it had like a year left to do it all, and he was using some other program and with three months left, he was like, "$*^t man, I wanna start again, it's not working." He then bought a new laptop and the latest version of Reason and voila, Prodigy's new album is created.

    You could pick up any of the software programs, but i think for you, Reason would be the best choice. It's easy to pick up, and after all, the music you make is down to you, and not down to what plug-in settings you have or whatever.

    Plus you can make sum phat beats on Reason! :wink:

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