Newbie From Norway Intro + Opening questions?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by norskdrum, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. norskdrum

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    Aug 4, 2011
    Hi To Everyone..:smile:

    I am really an old new kid on the block?I am 55 years old Englishman,Married to a Viking & living In Norway.I am very pleased to have discovered this site and hope very much you guys are able to help & advice me in time.

    I am a very frustrated percussionist...long story but have being in poor health for many years and things have become worse,,,which gets to you.I have become motivation...and it`s serious.Right I promise not to re visit the misery.But it does have implications for almost everything I do.

    To cut a very long story as short as I can...I am receiving a lot of very kind help from great the world of percussion & elsewhere.

    I would just like to ask a few opening get the ball rolling.

    I know from past experience that you guys need as much imfo as possible so as to be able to give the correct advice..I have read so much in such a short time including many threads. so here goes:-

    I was thinking of trying to utilise my laptop,by recording some of my lessons /practice and being able to simply play it back?to monitor my progress I am also going to set up live online lessons (we live in the wilds and I could not travel very far)

    I have being looking at a few recording options and above all I am trying to strike a continual balance..& keep what ever set up as simple as possible but with a bit of style! quality.I really am not looking for a home studio as such? although I suppose in reality it will be.

    I have 2008-9 Dell studio 32 bit laptop that is my nerve centre..
    Few tech spec details:
    Intel(R) High Definition Audio HDMI
    Device ID:HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_8086&DEV_2802&SUBSYS_80860101&REV_1000\4&A74B963&0&0101
    Driver Date: 3-15-2010
    Driver Version:
    Driver GUID: {4d36e96c-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}\0007
    Service Description: Intel(R) High Definition Audio HDMI
    Device Location: Internal High Definition Audio Bus
    Device Parameters: HDAUDIO

    The Percussion Invetory is as follows:-
    CONGAS PAIR/TIMBALI WITH MOUNTED COWBELS& BLOCKS E.T.C.there maybe other hand drum/s later. I am not wishing to become a recording studio..Mixing & laying down tracks,pro recordings e.t.c. I thought maybe a large condenser mic,may do the job of maybe recording the ensemble rather than every single instrument:Because I have read how folk mic up just the Congas with two near the heads at 45 degrees.or hanging above. & Mic set back a little..(overhaul) and mics at the bases e.t.c.You guys will know all this anyway..

    I was thinking a nice quality boom mic stand..with either one or two microphones? but hey what do I know.

    I am told I need a audio interface to plug the mics in to,,then I assume that goes to my laptop where I can use suggested free software..but again |I don`t need anything to complex or special.I have already received advcie on audio interface with the sonus set up quite popular and not to expensive good latency e.t.c.:confused:

    Then I assume we travel on to the Active monitors/Speakers? I did own a pair of audio engine a5s but sold am looking for suggestions..
    Oh the room is small 2 mtrs x 3.8 mtrs x 2.4mtrs high..

    If I could buy a pair of monitors and stands (not to costly)which could double up to play my music files of which I have many. then that would be superb.

    Do not know how the two functions of recording my lessons (main priority) and listening to my music can be achieved but I look forward to your suggestions..I suspect a outboard DAC will come in to this somewhere to bypass the Dell soundcard?

    anyway that is more than enough to be going on with

    many thanks in advance

    all the best Steve
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    Mar 19, 2003
    Kirkland WA
    Home Page:
    Need more details, what is your budget is a good place to start.
  3. norskdrum

    norskdrum Active Member

    Aug 4, 2011
    Many thanks for being the first to reply,and I thought i had put to much in the opening post!
    I di forget about the budget though,sorry.

    Difficult one but I am looking at something in the presonus price range or similar and maybe a pair of bookshelf hi fi speakers? As it was pointed out to me as I anot mixing & dubbing e.t.c. why buy monitors?it was a very valid point, that said I wanted to keep things small and compact..this idea would suit my playback of the music files..and I suppose th monitoring of the percussion lessons?

    Hi Fi Speakers need a amp.e.t.c. I was looking today at some £150 mission book shelf speakers MX1s..and eventhe cheapest amps are £150 for something well reviwed. like the basic cambridge audio topaz 1amp.+ Cables e.t.c.

    if I can buy an audio interface that would enable me toi maybe use 2 mics (told this would be ok) suspended above the Congas/Timbali set up but also advised about possible use of condenser mike set back to give me the full flavour rather than mics on each drum e..t.c.
    This needs fleshing out a bit,so will need advice here to?

    I just have to bring it all together..

    Hope that helps folk to advcie me better

    all the best Steve

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