Newbie Looking for Budget PC w/ SX3 Dakota Tango

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by TW, Feb 22, 2005.

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    I'm a newbie that needs some help. I'm not an IT engineer but it feels like I will turn into one before this rig is done. There are so many options and my biggest concern is spending a lot more $ and time instead of creating. Anyway...

    Here's what I have... A few years ago I put a Compaq Win98 Cubase system together, but now need to completely upgrade the PC. I have a Frontier Design Group Dakota and a Tango 24 a/d d/a converter that I can use and pulled the updated drivers from Frontier's site. I recently purchase the upgrade SX3. I've got plenty of outboard gear (mixer/mics/monitors/keys/effects etc.) and 2 17" LCD displays, I just need to get the PC rig going. I'm trying not to break the bank much further, so buying an off the shelf unit like MusicXP2 or Carillon is out, although I worry that building a system doesn't offer me much recourse - but might be the only way to get what I need for $800 to $1,000.

    I've heard a lot of discussion about Pentium versus AMD and it sounds like AMD is the way to go if you can cool the processor without creating added noise. A G5 would be nice, but too costly. Is there a bare bones machine like an HP/Compaq that can be recommended, tweaked and upgraded? I've heard that we should stay away from cheapo boxes like eMachines and Dell because they put too much on the Mobo (like integrated graphics). Am I better off waiting and spending the extra $ for an out-of -the-box daw? It seems like after buying XP Pro, Mobo, processors, drives etc and the time spent noodling that it might be the best route. Or am I overthinking this? Is it really that simple to go to or or and DIY?

    You help, guidance, and direction is appreciated.


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