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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by iluvansg, Jun 24, 2001.

  1. iluvansg

    iluvansg Guest

    I posted this question at a couple of the other forums but I thought I would put it up here to see what the DAW world folks have to say.I run a small recording studio that does mostly demos and low budget indy releases. I prefer to have my mixes mastered by a professional mastering house because I don't have the tools and monitor set up to get proper results. However, I often have to give clients a finished product that won't go out to be mastered. I am thinking of getting a software package to take care of a little "mastering" here in my studio for such occasions. I already run Digital Performer on my G3 mac. I was thinking of getting either Spark or Peak for 2 track editing and Adaptec Jam for CDR burning.
    Would this setup work for my situation?
    Should I buy a Windows PC and get Sound Forge or Wavelab?
    I like the editing and DAO burning capabilities of Sonic Foundry's CD Architect and Steinberg's Wavelab. Is there a similar product for the Mac platform?
    Should I just go lurk on the Mastering forum?
    What do you folks use for mastering on a budget?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. WSpeckmann

    WSpeckmann Guest

    Hi Bob,

    "...Is there a similar product for the Mac platform?..."

    You just mentioned one: Spark.
    I own the XL version (just to have the denoise option) and I l o v e it.
    And I still use SoundDesigner with some plugins on my good ol' Quadra.
    Jam is ok - check emagic's waveburner - masterlist cd gives you some more options to play with.

    Kind regards
  3. Fredrik

    Fredrik Guest

    The mastering is not all about equipment... you well know. :)

    Fredrik Lidin
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