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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by FrossByte, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. FrossByte

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    I posted this once but I think i was in the wrong place so here we go...

    I play in a 5 person rock band, 2 guitarists a drummer a bassist and a keyboardist. I am looking for not only a live setup but a recording setup as well, I am a carpenter by trade while attending college so I have started building my own studio in my garage. I know everything I need BUT the recording route is a little confusing. I know I need either a digital multitrack recorder with a built in HDD or a computer based hardware config to do the job. Well I have a p4 ht 3.2 ghz proc with a sb audigy and 1.5gb ram and dual HDDs. I also have a p4 2.6 ghz laptop with 512 ram, I kinda want to be able to use the top as much as possible, maybe with an external hdd. So what Im asking is, What is the best piece of hardware (Firewire or USB2.0) I can get that will allow me to record 10 tracks simultaniously and into sonar 4 without braking me totally?

    Also do I need any types of preamps if I have a powered 12 channel mixer I am running all of my mics and such through?

    I know its a huge Q but I would really appreciate the help, and hey who knows maybe i can help with some pc probs Very Happy
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    Same basic question, just want 16 tracks in instead of 10...

    I posted a message the other day about this that was more detailed, but think I may have posted it in the wrong place (either that or I drank too much beer and screwed up the post...)

    I would really like to hear the answer on that. =) I'm in a similar band, rock/metal, same setup, just got done building our band room.

    - Dave, _NW_CHAOS_
  3. FrossByte

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    Hey man I just went and researched since i couldnt get a resonse anywhere, here is what Ive found. I bought a Motu 828 MkII Firewire audio interface and im going to get a 12 channel mixer with 8 preamps on it and use cubase sx2 which i have, hope this helps, and btw I have tested the motu extensively, its about 750 bux at sam ash but WELL worth the price! Also a good yamaha 12 channel mixer will run you under 400 bux... so you may break 1200 bux for a mixer and a recoring interface which aint bad if I say so myself.

    PS: Powered amp = BIG no no, it produces too much noise for a decent recording studio, I would recomend a few stand alone amps if you are gonna be rocking the house, me, Im going the headphone amp with 4 outs route for my recording monitors and a small GOOD quality set of powered studio monitors with a subwoofer(this way We can record while jamming using headphones if we just wanna rock we can turn off the headphones and go with the monitors and subwoofer.)... because remember monitors are what u use to listen to your product so they should be the most "flexible" piece of equipment you buy as far as price, get a GOOD pair, you'll be glad you did. I recomend or a samashstore they have excellent prices and they are everywhere.
  4. MrPhil

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    I believe that RME has made a quite capable unit, I think it's called Firewire800 or something. Maybe you need two of them if you need ten inputs, I don't remember if it had more than 8 inputs.

    No, you don't NEED any preamps when you have that mixer. But you maybe would want some anyway, at least for vocals and acoustic instruments.

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