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  1. Hi All,

    I'm new to this forum here though I've lurked for a couple weeks reading through posts. I used to be in a band and I would now like to record my songs.

    I want to to build myself a nice setup to record 2 tracks at a time live, but be able to handle 12 tracks or so total. Ideally, the ability to record more tracks would be nice, but money is an object here.

    I am building myself a new PC, so computing power will not be an issue.

    So Far I am looking at:
    Sound Card - Emu 1212m (I prefer something internal)
    Mic Pre - FMR RNP (but open to other suggestions, a couple tube pres maybe?)
    Compressor - FMR RNC
    Software: Cubase?
    Mics: Rode NT4, K2, SM57 (NT4 as goto acoustic mic for simplicity)

    I will be getting monitors off a friend of mine, but what else will I need in order to record, mix, quasi master my songs with decent quality. I would want a crappy DAW for the volume controls and to easily pan and mute e.t.c.

    I just need some help in the right direction. I will be reading up on this soon enough, but I need to know where to start looking.


    - Michael
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    Nov 21, 2005
    If all you are doing is recording audio, not MIDI, you may want to just download Audacity for free. I think it even has VST support now, so you could even download some free VST stuff. Start off with free stuff, learn how to use it, and then if you decide to upgrade, you'll have a better idea what to spend your money on....and keep spending your money on for upgrades that "you just GOTTA have". :x Just record a couple tracks, disarm them from recording, set up another couple, record along with your bad self!

    As far as "I prefer internal" for an audio I/O, may want to rethink that. A decent external USB two-channel interface may sound better, and be more useful later. You could even have a friend download all the same free stuff, and cart your compact external interface to his place, if you want. Try doing that with an internal card.

    Besides, the computer innards is an ugly environment for a soundcard's audio converters. There are little fan motors, power supplies, and other things generating electromagnetic fields in there that could creep into the soundcard circuitry. That's why more and more, companies are building the AD/DA converters outside the computer to connect with USB, FireWire, or an umbilical to a PCI card (the circuitry on the card deemed not so susceptible).

    The rest looks pretty good for what you want. Don't forget that you'll need something decent to monitor the mix, and mixdown on. Headphones are OK for panning placement, level comparison, noise identification, etc., but usually don't translate well to the real world. A decent amp/monitor setup, or powered monitors would be much better.

    At which point you'll want to consider treating your room. And you'll need this. And that. Oh...and if I only had THIS! :twisted:

    Just build it up a bit at a time. If only audio, not MIDI, forego the Cubase and maybe buy something to monitor with. Until later.

    Have fun,


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