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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Snatchman, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. Snatchman

    Snatchman Guest

    Hi ,I'm actually just coming on board, but been browsing awhile! You all do a great job. Question: I do a lot of direct injection recording, midi etc. Basically the only purpose I use a mic for at this time is vocals and occassional acoustic guitar. I have this theory ( don't know if it's rational) to try and use the best DI's I can afford. I know some people don't think a good DI is really worth it, but (IMO) I think it's warranted! I currently use Radial, Ditto, U-5, ADL, and VTB-1 (hey, I think the DI input rocks). I want to get the Manely's next. I think the DIs impart some distinct sound qualities to the signal. Tubes, transformers they help, BTW.....did I mention I'm still recording to Adats :lol: through the Presonus Digi-max LT :lol: . It all comes out in the wash! Really though, I'm upgrading to the OSA form factor, and the HD24XR soon! Am I wrong to think what I am about the DI"s? Keep up the good work. Thanks for your time and ears! :cool:
  2. Snatchman

    Snatchman Guest

    Ok... I said Kurt, but anybody else? 8)
  3. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    A DI is great if your pres don't have 1/4" instrument inputs .. I use the Millennia STT-1, Sebatrons or the MP2NV for keyboards or guitar / bass inputs when tracking. Another thing I use for guitar or bass is the Mesa Boogie V Twin ... it's great front end box for guitars ..

    The Evil Twin DI is one box that did something I could hear a difference with but it seems to me that almost any decent DI box will do the job ... The Countryman 85 is as good as any.
  4. Snatchman

    Snatchman Guest

    Hi Kurt ,thanks for the reply. Can you elaborate more on the Evil Twin DI ? What do you think makes it different from the other models I listed? Thinking in terms of the "individual" purpose devices, such as dedicated mic pre's, eq's,compressors, etc., wouldn't a dedicated DI be a better solution,or can on board DI's be as good, such as on a mic pre's? I've never heard the CountryMan DI , heard good things about it, but how do it rate with the lets say, the U-5? Thanks for your time and ears! :?
  5. Bhennies

    Bhennies Guest

    I have two avalon u5's, and I use them for stereo inputs all the time. I usually build up my MIDI sketches in PT or digital performer, then record the triggered audio through the u5's. Pretty much the same work flow as you.

    I like the u5's quite a bit. I've toyed with selling them and then putting the money towards a great river mp2nv, but they're still in my rack and probably will stay there. Thing is, I don't do much instrument or vox recording either so DI's are my weapon of choice as well. When I want some different flavor, I usually run my keys into my universal audio 2108 (sounds awesome on rhodes piano).

    These things are killer on bass too. Great tone from passive j-basses to active aguilar electronics.

    all in all a good buy methinks.

    Kurt brings up a good point though...a lot of pres have great DI' rack space and $$$ (although it wouldn't hurt to have different flavors to pick from).

    p.s. the avalon's are big and really damn heavy though (I move my rack sometimes so whether or not that matters is up to you).
  6. Snatchman

    Snatchman Guest

    Thanks for the reply, Bhennies. Yeah I have the U-5 and yes , it's big, heavy , but good! Yeah, also I agree, Kurt do make a good point. I"m just thinking in terms of , maybe having different DI's, there might be a difference in "color" or lack of, depending on the DI. Sort of the reason people chooses different pre's. I know (to my ears) that some DI's sound different from each other, tho this could be just my ears! I have tracked through one DI, it was clean, but sterile. When I track through the Ditto (with the tubes/transformers) it sound warmer and bigger. But of course, this is all subjectional, so as always, YMMV! :wink: Thanks for your time and ears! ps. If you decide to sell the U-5's, let me know, I might take one off your hands :D
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