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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by tony-moore, Feb 27, 2005.

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  1. tony-moore

    tony-moore Guest


    I've searched the archives and learned alot! However, I still thought it worthwhile to post my query...

    I'm a new DAW user coming from the adat world. I'm using ProTools LE 6.4 (waiting for 6.7 upgrade cd) with an M-Box and an iMac G5 20. I'm already using decent mics, pre's and compression while tracking.

    I'm in need of a simple, good and transparent EQ and Comp/Limiter plug in as a well as a good and simple Reverb and Delay plug in. I will these mainly on buses and the master. The type of plug-ins available baffle me! RTAS, VST, etc, etc...

    I'm not really looking for these plug-ins to impart any sonic character, as I like the sounds going to "tape".

    Are there any bundles available that would be more afforable to handle this? I looked at the UA site and am really intrigued, but I couldn't find a bundle being offered.


  2. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    RTAS will keep you closer to Digidesign product and I feel in the long run this will help you.

    I think the Digi Limiter is useful

    Digi Comp is fair and I do use it.
    Digi single band EQ is good for Hi pass and Lo pass BUT I wish I could do both in one plug.

    Generally Digi EQ is ordinary.

    I do make most use of the Focusrite EQ and Comp
    ff2 and ff3 I think they are called.

    Things to look for could be the
    Waves Ren Comp
    Waves Ren EQ
    Waves Vocal Comp
    Waves L1 / L2

    these 4 waves plugs are very easy to use and abuse

    Maxim is fair for the mix bus BUT I don't use it on sub groups.
    Impact is good ... is this RTAS ??

    A plug called Channel Strip was very popular ... I wonder why ? :roll:
    quite versatile but does have a very busy interface.

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