Newbie Pro Tools LE7 Question (Digi Rack 002)

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by iwillattack, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. iwillattack

    iwillattack Guest

    Hello there people.
    I am new to thi forum a friend of mine recomended i came here to get help with my new pro tools setup.
    I come from a Logic Express background.
    I aqm running a Apple Mac Book Pro , 15.4" Dual 2.1ghz intel core duo , 2gig of ram , 100gb hard drive , Extenal 300gb lacie for protools stuff.
    Also running my newly purchased Digi 002 rack and pro tools Le 7 setup.
    Everything is going fine so far am happily recording and manipulating audio etc , Later this week i will attack the midi side and then the Rewire functions but so far i have 2 little issues that someone on here might be able to help with.

    1)Click track , metronome
    The click stops after 4 clicks and i cannot work out how to make it continue infinitely.
    I add a new aux input mono track , i select click instru from plugin menu , on the transport bar i make sure the metronome icon is blue , and i set the metronome to play on record and play.
    Yet everytime i play my project i get about 4 clicks but nothing more?? is there a way to make the click run infinitley? , prob something stupid i am doing but any help would be appreciatted.
    I run protools on both osx and xp partitions , mainly running xp profesisonal because a lot of the bundled plugins are not native(intel) coded yet.

    second issue is i see there is a update online for pro tools in windows xp but the link is broken on the digidesign site , ihave mailed them to find out where i can download it just wondered if anyone knows if it is mirrored somewhere? ,

    Cheers people

  2. TVPostSound

    TVPostSound Member

    Feb 15, 2006
    Somethings not right here????
    Youre running a MacBookPro with PT7LE??? Impossible, the Intel upgrade just came out as a download only. Or are you using LE7 on the XP partition??? That spells hardware issues.
    Here it is:

    Also, why would you want the XP update??? You dont want to run Protools
    using Bootcamp!!!!
  3. iwillattack

    iwillattack Guest

    Yes i am running pro tools on Mac.
    Brought it as soon as the intel patch came out.

    I am using LE7 on the XP partition , called digidesign earlier today they say that because the configuation of a mac book pro running xp professional has not been supported and approved by digidesign they cant give me any technical support Nice!

    I run pro tools with the intel patch on my OSX partition , click works fine.
    Run pro tools 7 LE on XP partition click does not run more than 3 or 4 clicks weird.
    The digidesign site has been updated and as the guy on the phne told me this morning there are loads of broken links still to be addressed so he doesnt know when i will be able to run the XP update.

    THe situation now is I can happily run pro tools on my intel OSX but because most of the plugins ae not coded for intel i am really limited plugin wise.
    The XP Partion has clock and click issues but i can use all the plugins because they are compatable with Pro tools 7 on XP professional.
    So until the OSX intel plugin updates are released i am recording on OSX then mixing and mastering on XP partition.
  4. TVPostSound

    TVPostSound Member

    Feb 15, 2006
    Neither will Apple!!!! Bootcamp is beta, and you would be foolish to risk your
    work on it. Unless this is just a project.

    You jumped in on the first few days of a release, of course 3rd party plugin developers wont be ready!!!!

    Never jump in on the first release of anything. PT 7.1.1 is not a patch
    its a release, so I would wait till PT 7.2 which will be out soon.

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