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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by mchapman, Mar 30, 2009.

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    Hello All,
    My name is Mark. Singer/Guitar player for 15 years, I have recently started recording a project on my own in which I have mixed some tracks as a preliminary type of thing. Right now, I just mixed the instrument tracks with no vocals. I am using Cubase Studio 4 to record and after I have mixed the tracks to what I think is good mix, I dump into Soundforge. I am double checking to make sure there is no clipping and have my compressors and limiters in place. When I play the CD on my truck cd player I am getting a wierd harsh swell type of sound usually in a hard chorus or hard intro (Rock). It seems like it is always on a hard cymbal crash, but I could be mistaken. When I play it on my stereo system at home I dont get that kind of sound. It is kind of like a ton of high eq dumped in really quickly and then it goes back to an even level. Its hard to explain do to my illiteracy on the subject. It only does it when my truck cd player is turned to about 21 on the volume. So its only apparent at loud volumes. That is a pretty loud but not " Blow you away" volume on my truck player. Any Idea what is going on there? Thanks in advance for your help. Tried it out in my buddies cd player and I dont get it there. Could it just be pushing my car stereo too much? My guess is you want your audio to be playable in any player. I am definately not hearing it out of Cubase or Soundforge during playback cranked to the max.
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    Could you post a small sample (say 20 seconds) of any track with the problem area?

    Can't find the dang post, there's one that lists about 10 sites you could use to post a sample to.

    Search the web for something like "free file host" and you should get results like http:// - but choose the one you like best.
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    What sample rate did you track at?
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