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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by knonothin, Sep 15, 2007.

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    how to make Yamaha motif es to to recieve 8 midi channels in one session on my protools le!!!!!!! i mean how make motif es to remember different voices lets say 8 midi channels when i play them all on protools? is motif es capabale of such operation i think it is but i dont kno how. please someone help ???
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    So if I understand correctly you are trying to trigger MIDI sounds off the Motif using the Protools sequencer?? If this is what you are trying to do I believe that your program is capable. Make sure that the MIDI in of the Motif is connected to the MIDI out of the PC for this configuration.

    Im not familiar with protools LE but this link may help explain how the MIDI setup works:

    I think figure 2 is what you are trying to do with just one keyboard. The MIDI operation should be similar to other programs. In protools each MIDI sequenced track has to be assigned an indavidual MIDI channel 1-16.

    So I believe you would would create a multisound patch on the Motif and assign a midi channel to each sound in the patch and save it. You should be able to then trigger each sound with the coinciding Midi sequenced track.

    I would try this with one track and one sound to see how it works and then once you have built and configured one track you can duplicate the proccess for the rest of the tracks.

    Sorry I can't offer you more help. Maybey someone here can simplify this process for you!
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    Thanks For The tip Got Everything solved in one peace. thanks again

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