Newbie questions: RE: Roland VS-2480 and add-ons

Discussion in 'Digital Recorders' started by Starliner, May 26, 2009.

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  1. Starliner

    Starliner Active Member

    Apr 27, 2009
    MD - Eastern Shore
    I have a few questions for other VS-2480 users.

    I just received a Roland VS-2480HD, external CD burner, and a VE-7000 channel edit controller.
    There are no effects cards installed (just four empty board slots).

    1. Will the unit burn CD's without the effects cards?
    2. Can mastering be accomplished without the effects cards?
    3. Is it advisable to have both VS8F-2 and VS8F-3 effects cards installed in the VS-2480?
    4. What are the most essential (or most desirable) upgrades and add-on's to the VS-2480?

    I plan on initially using the unit as a standalone recorder. I will also want to connect it to a computer.

    My thoughts were to get both VS8F-2 and -3 boards, an MB-24 meter bridge, a Presonus V-Fire interface, and an R-bus interface card. I am also considering an SI-24 studio interface, and possibly a mixer such as the VM-7000 / 7200 series.

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