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    (I looked for a beginner section but didn't see it so hope this question is ok here)

    Have CUBASE SX and REASON - with Audgy 4 External I/O hub. I've created Audio Track 1 in Cubase and when I hit record, I can record my Reason 'song' onto Track 1. Now I want to record a separate track using Yamaha external drum kit.

    But when I create Audio Track 2, and hit record - I get a recording of drums and REASON 'song' all on one track. I want to hear Track 1 (Reason) while I record drums (or guitar) onto a SEPARATE TRACK. What am I missing. Also, when I hit monitor button (on track 1) I get a loop effect which increases in volume with each cycle.

    Any help is appreciated! THanks!
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    I'm not exactly an "old hand" at this, but I DO have Cubase and Reason, and I think I can help out at least a bit here.

    First, when using Reason with Cubase, there's no need to record the Reason material onto a track in Cubase... you can use Reason as a ReWire slave from within Cubase. Go into the "Devices" menu, and look for "Reason". Click on it, and you'll see a box open up that allows you to "turn on" the Reason Re-Wire channels into Cubase. At that point, Reason just becomes another "feed" into Cubase on its own channel, and shouldn't leak onto other channels when recording.

    Which brings up my second point... check your VST connections. You might have an output bus "wired into" (connected to) and input bus. Also check the input-output section of each of your tracks. Make sure the inputs and outputs are "wired up" correctly. Don't point a track output to an input bus.

    When everything is set up correctly, you won't have this "bleed" problem - every track will be nice and separate.
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    ya it looks like your input bus for all the tracks is the output bus of your soundcard. Cubase by default sets every track that you create to the same input bus. Take some time and create a template with like 16 tracks that you can memorize how they are bused so you know what tracks to record to and when.... I have like 20 templates depending on the the genre of music that i'm doing... when you cubase starts up you just have to click the one, and voila you can pretty much hit record and you know exactly where everything is routed....

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    Ok - thanks very much - this bus issue sounds like the problem (as I had suspected) so I'll look closer at these items from your suggestions. (Yes I was using the Rewire channels for Reason as you mentioned - but it is obviously 'leaking' on to all tracks)

    Thanks again!

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