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Discussion in 'Recording' started by trock59, Nov 5, 2011.

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    I am a hobbyist musician, playing a Yamaha keyboard, an Akai EWI400s (midi controller/synth) using a Yamaha VL70m acoustic tone generator. I haven't done any recording and don't really have any equipment purchased for that purpose. I want to start recording & mixing these instruments. I have a 3 year old pc that is 64-bit but only 3gb of RAM, nothing powerful or fancy. I have an old version of Cubase and Cakewalk LE that came with a usb midi device I purchased @ 4 years ago but haven't installed or used either of them. At this point I am wondering what route I should take to get started recording & mixing.
    I know I will have to put some effort and time into learning the tool/the process/& the gear and would like some opinions from those who have already gone down the path.

    Do I need to upgrade my pc? If so, I would consider switching to an Apple...

    If you were starting to learn to record under this scenario, would you choose to use something like garage band/logic express from Apple Or would you stay on a pc and pick up one of the pc based applications?

    If PC, what application would you learn to use?

    What other equipment do I need to consider for recording, other than the usb midi interface I already have?

    How would you spend your money if you were starting from scratch today?

    Thanks for your input/suggestions and kindness.
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    I would just install your Cubase (or Cakewalk or both) and setup your MIDI keyboards and do some recording.
    Learn your way around the software first and then in the meantime read more forums or books on computer recording and the recording hobby.
    Save up a few extra $$$ and find out what's best for your needs....then do some upgrades!
    There a million ways to go and soo many new hobbyist who start out go and buy a bunch of inexpensive recording stuff with no idea what they're doing.
    Start with what you have...if it sticks with you and you like what you hear and it's fun, take the time to learn more about it and make good decisions on your own rather than asking others...get into it
    Part of the fun with a hobby is doing the research and finding out and learning new things for yourself. You'll be way happier that way. And less disappointed when you buy something that someone on the internet told was the greatest!
    If you listen to one person they'll say PC and just as many will say Mac....the truth is it doesn't matter what computer or software you get...they all do the same thing....most of the stuff you can afford isn't real recording studio stuff anyway....almost all of it will give you what you need to record your music....start small, get a nice sound and be creative!
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    Thank you for your insight, it is appreciated.

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