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  1. this is my first post here after reading for a few weeks.

    I'm in the process of renovating a very small (360 sqft) apartment. It is on the corner of a very busy street (a truck route) and is quite loud inside and out. Since I am literally ripping the walls out right now, are there simple things I can do to improve it acousticly?

    The goal is for one room to be a kitchen/living room/listening room/social jam space. emphasis here is on learning to record and the social/fun side, less on the critical listening.

    I have read a bit in the acoustics forum and it seems I may be in over my head, I'm not an engineer or a construction professional. I'm just an guitar player learning to record, an absolute rank amatuer.

    The link to a page on sound transmission loss was helpfull but a double wall just east up more space than I can spare
    most of the sound coming into the apartment is from the street traffic, sound leaking out of the apartment doesn't seem to be as much of a problem.

    as for all amatuers, the budget is tight.

    here are the plans so far:

    the front room of the apartment will be the combined kithchen and living space, approx. 14x12. the kitchen will be on an inside wall away from the street. (dictated by plumbing). So the sound space will be on the loudest extrior wall. The floors will be maple, and there will be a small breakfast bar diving the kitchen and living room.

    The main questions I have are regarding design:

    1) since the kithchen will be a major element and will effect the acoustics, should choice be made on the shape and placement of the cabinets?

    2) are there things that I can do at this point to reduce the traffic sounds from outside?

    3) are there things that can be done to reduce the noice that the kitchen generates (fridge, etc.)

    4) what other questions should I be asking?

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