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  1. I just bought a 1010LT sound card that I plan on using with cool edit pro. I noticed that there are 6 rca inputs and 2 XLRs. from my mic preamp's outs (which are 1/4 inch plugs), wouldn't I need a rca adapter from a 1/4 plug to plug it into the sound card's intputs? I think so, but when i do that, that reduces the six inputs down to don't I need a white and a red one for each mic line?
    or can I route somehow (and if so, how?) my out from my preamp into just one of the rca ins of the card (and if that's the case, why are there red and white ones?) . . . If I can do that, then that's still only 8...where's 9 and 10??

    I'm confused! HELP!!

    Also: how do I enable the card through cool edit pro so I could record multiple channels simultaneously?
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    you only send the out of your pre amp in one of the rca inputs. You have 6 rca inputs. If you have a stereo pre amp, then you send the left and right channels seperately into one white and one red rca...makes sense? You'll always have 6 tracks from the rca inputs. Then you have 2 XLR inputs and I think the other two are Spdif which are directtly on the soundcard and not at the end of wires like the other inputs. These spdif inputs are digital inputs. You need an analog to digital converter (A/D) to send an analog signal (preamp out) to these inputs. The reason for this is if you want to bypass the A/Ds of the soundcard's other 8 inputs.
    Hope it makes sense! good luck!
  3. thanks! that helps a bunch!

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