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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by backinthelab, Dec 25, 2005.

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  1. backinthelab

    backinthelab Guest

    As always, I appreciate your opinions on these matters, you guys helped me out a ton with my initial purchases. I have some extra cash to blow on more gear, I just don't know which route to go, mic, rack pricessing, or hardware processing...

    Here are my thoughts with the $1500 I have:

    I have a TC Powercore, but would like to get a UAD-1 for more processing power.

    Or, I could get another good piece for processing. I currently have the UA 4110, Sebatron 4000, and Focusrite ISA428 for pres. I have no dynamic processing outboard.

    I have various mics including a couple 421's, a Soundelux iFet7, and a Blue Kiwi. I'm considering an AKG 414, or an SE Gemini.

    To cut to the point, if you were in my position, what would be next for you? (all accessories are covered, ie, cables, RAM, stands, etc.)

    Thanks in advance for your opinions!!!

  2. Pre Amp

    Pre Amp Guest

    I guess you are referring to reverb units and outboard effects units? I hope, or this reply is a waste of your time.
    As far as outboard processors, I like the Eventide gear alot. And now that I have a couple of them, I would NEVER want to use another processor. They have AWESOME reverb, loads of delay's, and are easy to use. I bought an Eventide Eclipse from for around $1495 (close to that if not exactly). It's a fanstatic unit. And, there are used ones (like the H3000 & H3500 the & 4000) that are still awesome, and appox $1500 (or so) for sale on ebay, all the time.
    Hope this helps :roll:
  3. jahtao

    jahtao Guest

    not a great fan of 414's.
  4. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Member

    Sep 26, 2005
    UREI 1176 old blackface!! Why not also try an LA3A? Screw the software versions.

    Remy Ann David
  5. aztec

    aztec Guest

    $1500 ?

    Mindprint DTC :>

    Link removed
    Link removed

    Happy shopping
  6. backinthelab

    backinthelab Guest

    That Mindprint piece looks pretty incredible!

    I'm not really looking for effects, per se, but dynamic processing or mic pres. Or should I go with a new mic or many choices!!!
  7. Pre Amp

    Pre Amp Guest

    I have that Mindprint unit. The single channel version. It's a pretty nice single tube design mic pre. The EQ is nice as well. I've had it for years. Mindprint is a sister company of Hughes & Kettner. (if anybody cares)
    However it's not nearly as nice as my API or my Great River either. It's an O.K. unit, but far from the "best".
    My guess is that the Sebatron is a better unit than the Mindprint. But I still have never done an A B test on the two mic pre's.
  8. tedcrop

    tedcrop Guest

  9. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    Dec 3, 2003
    Whittier, California, USA
    about waves plugins- either the gold or platinum :D
  10. backinthelab

    backinthelab Guest

    Yes yes....good ideas....I really dig the Waves bundles, I'm just worried about CPU load, that's why my thoughts were to get a UAD-1. On the other hand my G4 is blown out so I should be alright...

    A distressor is a good idea, but only one channel will make me want more..which I can't afford!!! :cry:

    Now that I think about it, my pre setup is damn sufficient, 12 channels with some great sound. I could run with the Waves Platinum bundle and worry about my mic closet later down the road. I dunno...
  11. Antho

    Antho Guest

    I find Waves pretty efficient on CPU load.
  12. Pre Amp

    Pre Amp Guest

    Just use it inline or on one track at a time. That way you can use it over and over, again and again.
    Just a thought
  13. taylor

    taylor Guest

    get the maxed out UAD-1.. and join the hoards of rabid UAD fans (myself included).. you wont' be disapointed!!!

    not that the UAD replaces vintage outboard gear, but it comes close.. so it's almost like you're getting both more plug in processing and outboard gear at once.. (sort of)...

    anyway.. the UAD and its associated optional plug ins would be a killer purchase you'd be quite happy with.
  14. bbbitter

    bbbitter Guest

    Anybody try out those waves processors at all? I have trouble running the Rverb and would love to find a way to run it without taxing my CPU.
  15. backinthelab

    backinthelab Guest

    Which Reverb? What kind of system are you running?

    I ended up buying the Platinum version and can run multiple plug-ins om my Mac with no issues...maybe you just need more RAM?

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