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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by chadmaniaus, Jul 9, 2004.

  1. chadmaniaus

    chadmaniaus Guest

    Hello! I'm wondering if I could get a few opinions on which way some of you would go with taking my studio to the next level. I've pretty much maxed out the space in my designated studio room in the house and looking at some commercial warehouse spaces to build more of a pro set up.

    Current set up:
    ProTools LE with the Digi002 and a Mac G5.
    Digimax Presonus LT preamp
    Waves plug-ins
    Mics: AT 4054, Octava MC012, Audix drum mics, and some SM58's
    Monitors: Mackie HR824

    I've been considering going the Digi Control 24 route, then migrating to an HD system over time. BUT that's a lot of money for basically a fancy control surface and not gaining any better sound quality.


    The other thought process is to invest that money in better preamps Universal Audio 2-610, Trident S20 and some higher end mics...Blue, Neumann.

    Any other thoughts or advice from others that have been at this crossroad?

  2. tripnek

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    Jun 9, 2003
    Start with the mics. No studio should be without at least on Shure SM57 and one Sennheiser MD421 and maybe an EV RE20 and a pair of AKG 414s would be great. I would go for some good mic preamps before you invest in the super expensive mics. A rack of APIs or John Hardys would be a great start, then add one or two channels at a time of other mic pres for different flavor. At least one, but preferably several good compressors to go with the pres as well. UA 1176, DBX 160 VU, API, UA LA2A, Manley and/or Langevin ELOP, ect....
  3. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    Good advice from tripnek ... I would reccomend at least 3 or 4, Sennheiser 421's (for toms and guitar amps) several SM57's, (snare, guitar amps,almost anything loud). I would also recomend a couple of good kick drum mics ... The Audix D6 and the AKG D112 both come to mind..

    The question needs to be asked, do you have your work room (studio) well treated with bass trapping diffusion and absorption? If not, now is the time to turn your attention to that task.

    If it were my studio I would be looking to replace these things ...

    Digimax Presonus LT preamp. I would replace this with a JLM TMP 8, eight channel mic pre or a couple of Sebatron 4000e's and an Alesis AI3 A/D and D/A converter. This will sound much better just because the mic pres are better..

    Oktava MC012 .... I would get the Studio Projects C4's instead of the Oktava's... If your pair of Oktivas are well matched, then you got a good pair .. keep them but consider at least, listening to other mics of the same type and making some comparisons.. it couldn't hurt.

    Mackie HR824's .... I prefer the Yamaha MSP5's to the HR824's ... the bass is tighter sounding and the Yamahas are much more liniar in response.. there are other good monitors as well like KRK, Tannoy, JBL to name a few.
  4. chadmaniaus

    chadmaniaus Guest

    Thanks Kurt and Tripnek!

    Most of my recording has been mobile and live until now. The room I'm mixing in has be semi treated, but definitely need to consider that for when I find my new space. All great input...thanks!

  5. heyman

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    I agree on upgrading the front end with better pre's and compressors and mics... But if you want to make a diffrence on the back end, I suggest better converters.. I use a RADAR system. If you wanted to- you can use the Radar for Master and bypass the Protools converters and still use all the automation, plugins etc that protools has to offer....

    Or the cheaper route- get better ad/da converters...(Lucid, etc)

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