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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Sonarerec, Jan 31, 2005.

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    About two years ago I found a Studer (re-badged Schoeps) with an MK6 capsule for a very low price--$600. That capsle, like other Schoeps multi-pattern caps, does its thing via small shutters made of a vinyl material that deteriorates over time. The omni pattern was not happy, but I never used it for that. Within a few months it stopped working altogether so I sent it to Tracy Korby for a "get it to work" repair rather than the mandated total rebuild from Schoeps.

    A few hundred dollares later it was then only a mariginal bargain, but hey, a bargain is a bargain, right?

    Then it quit the second time and back to Korby it went. Turned out that it needed $300 in parts from Schoeps, but thanks to the business ethics of Tracy Korby I did not have to pay a cent-- he figured that if it went out his door with a problem, I shouldn't have to pay for it.

    What did I learn here? You almost ALWAYS get what you pay for-- there usually aren't any super bargians in used mics, so think twice before going for the "steal". And I also learned that Tracy Korby has mroe than earned any business that I can send his way!

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    I saw their booth at AES last fall, and was highly impressed. (Didn't they just move to Nashville from PA, or vice versa?) I think they're working on a new website as well...not much to see at the moment, but the quality of their "Build" speaks for itself. Another great choice for mic repairs/mods, etc.
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    Schoeps changed to the newer material quite a few years back, as I recall. Tracy does excellent work and is great to deal with.

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