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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by duffo, Apr 24, 2008.

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    I've just bought a brand spanking new computer and want to set it up for home recording. I've installed Cubase SX and im using the soundcard which came with the computer. I've got a few problems which i've tried to fix numerous times and are really irritating me:

    1) When i plug my guitar or instruments into the line in input to record, i only get sound coming out of the left speaker, but it plays back to both speakers. How do i get the sound to come out of both speakers?

    2) I'm getting some latency problems during playback. The sound comes out of the speakers fine, but when i play back what i've recorded, its a bit behind. Also, when i play something, the VU meter doesn't respond until about 1 second later. I've tried switching drivers but then it wont even let me record. It this just my soundcard or is there a way to somehow fix this?

    Also while im here, does anyone know whether i can connect my Roland Juno D keyboard's midi output to my computer and use it the same way as a normal midi controller keyboard? Is that possible or was that a stupid question?

    Thankyou immensly for any help.
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    Hey duffo, Welcome to RO. Sounds like you need a new soundcard. Running Cubase with a built in soundcard is like trying to run a Ferrari on lamp oil. What's the point? If you just have minimal recording needs right now, go get yourself like an M-audio card like the 24/96 or Delta 1010lt. I used the latter for about a year and it's a great sounding card. I ran it at 6ms latency on an old Dell Dimension P4 2.4. This will probably solve all the problems that you are having. Also, when selecting drivers, make sure that you are using drivers specific to your card and that they are the "asio" drivers. This will always render the best results.

    As far as midi, yes, you can use your Roland as a controller to record and trigger itself in Cubase and also to trigger the built-in plug-in synths in Cubase or any others that you install. Hope this helps. I'm gone for the day now but I'll check on this post again later today/tonight. Best of luck.

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    Cheers for the reply.

    I think i will pick up this:

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