Nord Lead 2

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by flexo, May 23, 2005.

  1. flexo

    flexo Guest

    Have you got one ???
    Any one used one ?

    Wanna give me a quick review ??

  2. axel

    axel Guest

    i don't have one... but used it several times, if you are into electronica and / or into really tweaking your own sounds, then go and grab one or an access virus, they are amazing versatile in the "how much different quality sounds you can get out of them section" i am used to at least a semi weighted keyboard, so i would go for the rack version, IMO the keyboard itself is week on the nord, don't like the feel, but that is my personal taste, in terms of sound go and get one!!
  3. flexo

    flexo Guest

    Yeah, Spotted an awsome price for a second hand one..
    Snd i have always wanted one..
    Since i was a little baby...

    Seem to be really really really RAD..
  4. cetanorak

    cetanorak Guest

    I have had one for about five or six years. You can definitely dial up a very broad spectrum of sounds. The only complaint I have had with it are the inability to recognize where the parameters of each knob are set when you change patches. So you basically have to turn the knob to figure out where it was, and is no longer, set. The Nord 3 takes care of this with some position indicating LED's. There virtually no onboard effects, aside from a truly primitive echo effect.

    I would use this more live that in a studio situation. With Absynth 3, loads of VST synthesis instruments, and other varios soft-synths, the hardware versions can be sometimes bypassed, lately for me. If I had something with a signature sound, probably something analog, then I would use that much more often.

    The Nord is certainly handy, especially if you like the hands-on manipulation of synthesis controls. But, really, for studio use and sound design, check out Absynth 3.
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