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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by sheld, Dec 20, 2004.

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    Hi, after weeks of planning i am finally ready to record my first live kit, ive been recording vocals and guitars for around three years now, thing is i have always used sampled loops or drum machines for the drums.

    A band i have been introduced to have asked me to help out with their recordings and i am more than happy to help, i have spent hours on forums reading about mic positioning and phase cansellation and the usual things to listen out for. my mic list is

    rode NTK x1
    rode NT1 x1
    Shure SM57 x1
    Shure SM58 x2
    AKG C1000 x1

    My ideal layout would be two overheads, sm57 on snare C1000 on the hihats (if needed),
    I understand overheads need to be a maching pair... so would you invest in another NT1 or would you go for the expensive option and invest in another NTK, "would it realy make a big improvement"

    Then there is a question on what i could use for the kick, would i have to splash out on a d112 or would you make do with an sm58, i will be giving the toms a miss in my first few recordings to keep phase down to minimum and try to keep it simple.

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    What I would say is to ask the dealer you are going to be buying from can let you audition both the NT1 and NTK (meaning that you have a pair of each on hand) to audition on your kit so that you can make a decision on which pair you prefer on your overheads. Who knows? You might like the cheaper pair, and probably save a little money!

    You can probably make due with the sm58 on the kick, but definitely the better option is to get a d112 if you can swing it.

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