Not happy with my headphones so far.

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by bigdaddybluesman, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. I have a set of Sennheiser HD 280's.

    I'm not happy with them, I bought them because they are closed. I need closed headphones for tracking and mix downs since I can't always use my monitors if I want to work later at night.

    What are a really good pair of closed headphones?
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    What don't you like about the 280's? I have some of those, they're OK. I also have a pair of Grado SR125's. I guess that these are considered "open" because of the way that the earpieces are vented. But they are comfortable, sound great, and I've not had any feedback issues with them around an open mic. Besides, "open" phones are only a problem (in most cases), if you've got a "hot" mic near your head and a loud monitor mix. You're not singing late at night are you? Than I would think open phones would be OK. But you really owe it to yourself to check out the Grados...
  3. It seems they distort very easily. Plus I don't think they fit my big head...LOL.

    It could be the amplifier inside the Roland. According to the meters, I'm not clipping yet I do get distortion. It also seems there is interaction between the phones out and monitor out. I might end up getting a separate phone amp.

    I'm thinking it's the Roland as much as it is the headphones.

    I'm still going through the Roland VS 2400 to learn how best to make a recording. I have so much to learn.

    From what I have read they seem OK, that's why I bought I said it could be the Roland. I'm kind of picky about sound and here everything.

    I mean I just hooked up a Rane EQ and DBX 266 to my DVD player because I didn't like the sound from the Onkyo stereo and JBL speakers for my TV...LOL. It really helped.....:).

    God the sound is awful from the networks and I actually hate surround sound.

    Back to the head phones...I really think it's the Roland and was surprised at the interaction. Maybe they interact because I have jacks plugged in and I don't have the monitors on. I'm still trying to figure this thing out. I'm used to analog live sound and old tape machines.
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    You might want to investigate the impedance of the phones vs. the rating of the Roland's headphone jack. MANY phones can induce distortion by not properly loading the amp they're driven by. And if you end up looking for a dedicated headphone amp, Grado makes one of those, too!
  5. Yes I was looking at that, the Senn's are 64 ohms.

    I think the impedance is too low.

    I doubt that Roland has the impedance in their book, their book is a disaster. I have had to call them to get basic info that should be in the book and is not.

    Like: Are the monitor outs balanced? How do I get the mouse to work on the visual outboard monitor.

    I'll have to call them and they don't have an 800 #.

    Any info like that and they say buy Roland monitors or Roland this or that.

    It would be a much better unit with a better book. They don't even tell how to record something...LOL.
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    I haven't seen any specs for the impedance on the vs regarding headphones, but my HD 280's seem to work fine with my 2400, but you do have to turn the volume up on the red monitor knob (I usually turn it to 0db) then use the blue headphone knob to control the listening volume. Page 74 of the manual describes how to set the listening levels when using monitors/headphones.

    All of the analog inputs and outputs are balanced xlr/trs jacks on the vs with the exception of the hi-z guitar input on 8.

    Mouse configuration is on page 64 of the manual, but it should be set to "on" as the default.

    You can switch between the LCD screen and a vga monitor by pressing the shift button + master.

    There is a book and dvd available for the vs recorders that a lot of people seem to find very helpful (I haven't ordered it myself yet). You can find it here:

    Hope this helps a little.

  7. That did helps thanks.

    I looked for that book and DVD and it's only in one in the US has it. That stinks....

    I am going to call Roland.

    Mine came with a VCR DVD.....I'm going to get them to send me a DVD, I'm not paying an extra $20 for the DVD....considering I'm already into them for over 2 grand.

    The VCR tape was helpful. I really doubt if I will ever use all the features, I play such simple music. Guitar, vox, bass, drums........tambourine anyone... :p
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    Big Daddy!
    I have the same problem with those headphones, they don't fit my big head! They sound great, but they are designed for 'pinheads'
  9. BRH

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    LA, CA
    Big Daddy!
    I have the same problem with those headphones, they don't fit my big head! They sound great, but they are designed for 'pinheads'The most comfortable headphones for me are the Sony 7506 and AKG K141 or K271.

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