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    Hello RO,
    So in the next month or so I will hopefully have the opportunity to meet with one of the partners in a big post-pro house that recently expanded with one of MIX magazines top new studios of '08. I'm not really looking for a full gig yet, but I would like to present myself in a way that might make them think of me in a few years.

    I sent out an email to the guy just giving him a background on myself, but he is kinda a family friend, so I didn't really know how much to put.

    Basically, what would be the best and worst things to do in this situation. I want to sort of sell myself but not over do it since I'm not at the level where I can really back it up yet, but I'm confident I will be there.

    Thanks so much.
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    Best thing to do is BE YOURSELF. Go to the meeting like you were going to any job interview. Be polite, be friendly, be alert, ask good questions and answer every question you get asked to the best of your ability but don't say things that are not true and don't get verbal diarrhea (meaning answer the questions but don't elaborate unless asked) you will do fine.

    If this if this is a "family friend" and you have talked to him before on an informal basis so much the better. You want to be friendly, confident and go into the interview with a smile and a good firm handshake from there just relax and let the conversation go where it will. Don't try and direct the interview but follow the interviewer's line of questioning. If he asks, at the end of the interview, what questions you have - do some thinking before hand about what you want to say.

    Best of luck! and BE YOURSELF!
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    Thanks for your help Thomas. So great, as always. I just have never known him in a professional/musical setting, and he is a well-known percussionist, he played with Madonna, Johnny Mathis, big names, so it will be sort of intimidating to think of him in that aspect.

    I think I will just really try to be myself, like you said, and see what happens.

    Worst case scenario is I get to walk around a really nice studio.
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    Sep 26, 2005
    I've heard some of your work. You're good. Need you say more? Especially to a family friend? While it doesn't sound like you have it sewn up? It also doesn't sound like you've been sewn shut? Just make sure your fly is zipped.

    Make sure your mother doesn't dress you funny.
    Ms. Remy Ann David
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    Thanks Remy,

    Entertaining as always. Many thanks for all the help/laughter you've given thus far.


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