not-so-FAQ: Battery, OSX 10.2.8, MOTU 424

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Clueless, Aug 1, 2004.

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    I've been running MOTU DP 3.11, OS9, and Battery for 2 years, and getting tired of the lameness that is OS9. Have decided to make the move, step-by-step, to OSX. I'm stuck on step Battery.

    I have a 2x1GHz G4, 1GB RAM Mac running OSX 10.2.8. I've installed DP 4.12, have started playing with it, and decided that now's the time to move Native Instruments (NI) Battery. I bought the upgrade (cheap!) and here's where I'm stuck:

    If I select Built-In Audio for the soundcard options, I can get Battery to send sounds to the Mac's built-in speaker output. Not Very Exciting.

    When I select the PCI 424 card that I have (which dirves an HD 192), the Battery app turns into a rainbow pinwheel. When I wait long enough, the machine tells me that it's used up all the disk space allocated for program memory (to Unix weenies: it's out of swap space). So, obviously, there's some evil loop in my system; a loop I don't know how to diagnose.

    Can anybody whose installed the NI Battery upgrade from OS9 to OSX give me some advice on working with my PCI-424 card?
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    That sounds strange with 1GB of RAM...

    How much free space do you have on your system drive?
    What studio size did you set DP to?

    Try selecting the driver before Battery is loaded, then you will have to select the proper outputs.
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