Novice Recorder with many questions

Discussion in 'Digital Recorders' started by Mark_Phouthong, May 5, 2005.

  1. Well this is my first time experimenting with recording so im a NOOB.

    I am using adobe audition 1.5, a soundblaster audigy Z2S sound card, and a regular stand-up mic I found around my house(no mixer because im cheap!)

    Well the first question is how can i edit my voice recording to sound the best it could possibly sound with the equipment at my disposal?

    Second question involves puting the recordings so that they are sycrhonized with an instrumental.

    Well I want to put those recording with an Instrumental my friend makes(hip hop, rap kind of instumental). The only way i can get it from him is through mp3, since he lives in another state.

    My first attempt was by hearing playing the instrumental in one track, and recording verses in the another track.

    I exported those to an mp3 and tried them out in my friends car sound system.


    The vocals are somehow louder then the instrumental...
    The bass from the subwoofer is somehow thumping to the vocals AND the instrumental at the same time!
    I dont know it just sounds terrible!

    I was wondering if there where any ADOBE AUDITION PRO's out there that can give a novice a helping Hand..

    early THANKS for any help.!!

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