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Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by starscream2010, Apr 16, 2005.

  1. Hi. I have a home studio and use a pair of NS-10T's w/ a Hafler power amp for monitoring and have looked EVERYWHERE on the net for some info regarding these speakers but to no avail haven't been able to find squat even requested info from Yamaha, no luck. I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about these speakers? For instance, are they as good as the NS-10S and/or M? Should I be using tissue paper over the tweeters? Is there anything weird about these that I should know about? I have been getting good results so far but am still learning as to how they translate below 100Hz, I'm getting there but don't have them "mastered" yet. Any and all info that you could give me would be MUCH appreciated.
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    Feb 10, 2001
    I owned a pair of Yamaha NS10's years ago. IMOH there was not enough low end and there was a little too much top end for me.
    I tried using paper and such to cover the tweeder, but my ears could not take more than a few hours on those monitors at a time. They made my ears feel tierd.
    Starscream2010, I did a google search on NS-10T, but I got nothing. So I went to Yamaha's web-site and they don't have it listed as one of their products.
    Far as I know the orig. NS-10m's were one of the first versions.
    And my guess is that...NS, stands for near field speakers
    The 10 is for the speaker size, and I believe the "m" stood for monitor
    Now the NS-10s....I also understand (if I am correct) that the NS is the same (near field speakers)
    10 is the speaker size
    But the "s" means studio (they are a newer version)
    I don't know what the "T" stands for on your model
    I did however find a post about NS-10T on a site called
    Hope this helps
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    NS 10-Ts are the home version ...

    The NS10's were originally intended for home use until engineers started using them as studio mons ... I think Bob Clearmountian was one of the first to discover them.

    I have seen the "NS10 t's" used in studios and I don't think there are any significant difference between them and the NS10s ...

    The NS10 Ms are are an later version of the original NS 10s ... the older NS10 had a tweeter that had a rounded grill and were oriented to be used in a vertical placement, while the NS10ms have a grill with a squared edge and are oriented horizontally...
  4. Thanks! to the both of you :D

    I paid $120 for the pair and just was starting to think that maybe I got some bastardized version that was nothing like an NS10, but by name only, because I couldn't find any info about them. I appreciate it.


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