NT & ProTools::How far can I get?


Thanks for everybody's advice on the other post.

I know that PT 5.1 is Crossplatform easy, so would it be better to keep my NT based PC (382 Mgz SDRAM!!!) and get a Mix or Mix Plus system? I REALLY need the ability to do 24-32 D/A out @ 24bits. Isn't there a cheaper way to do it than the Digi ADAT bridges? What is more expensive upgrading a Mix system to mixplus or just buying a mixplus system? What would my street price expectations be for a new and used NT system?

Greg Malcangi

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Oct 12, 2000
Hi Gingerale,

Sorry, perhaps I didn't make myself clear:

If you scroll down the main "DAWworld Forum" page you will notice there is a "ProTools Forum". Questions specifically about ProTools should be posted there. That is where I will post an answer to your latest question.