NTEC microphones?????

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by tmcconnell, May 24, 2005.

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  1. tmcconnell

    tmcconnell Guest

    Has anyone has any experience with these mics or know anything?
    Here's their story:
    In reply to your email of 21st May. First of all let me explain who we are. Our associate company GOTHAM AUDIO CANADA was the Neumann distributor for Canada until Neumann was taken over by Sennheiser. We then became the distributor for Microtech Gefell. We dropped the Microtech line because of large price increases and poor quality. We also distribute BPM STUDIO TECHNIQUE Mic which is run by ex Neumann people in Berlin Germany.

    When Senheiser took over Neumann they fired all the Neumann employees and transferrd production to the Senheiser factory in Hannover. As a reslut of that 2 disgruntled Neumann engineers went to what is now NTEC in China and showed them how to make Neumann Microphones. There has now been 10 years of development and improvements and the result is a line of microphones better than Neumann in many ways.
    Better frequency responses.
    Lower noise levels.
    Much more rugged construction with no plastic parts
    Shielded transfprmers
    Stronger suspensions
    Better packaging. All mics come in an aluminum case.
    Lower prices for mics and parts.

    This is why we have studios in Canada now trading in their Neumann mics for NTEC. We have now been selling these mics for a year with no serious complaints or breakdowns.

    The only complaint was from a customer who complained that the mic did not sound like a Neumann. That is because NTEC mics have a much improved high frequency response. Most Neumann mics will not reproduce frequencies above 8KC. Some NTEC mics may look like a Neumann but they are not clones. They are far better.

    Someone is now selling these on Ebay. The "U47 like" version (boy am I getting tired of that) is about 600 dollars. Any comments?

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