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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by b3bub, Jan 5, 2003.

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    Good morning from snowysunday toronto. I am learning cubase sx, and share wav files with co conspirators for mixing fun. Two of us use win2000, the other bloke has a mac based rig. He wants fat32 for the occasional project that goes his way. Most of the material stays with the win2000/sx rigs.
    Which file system should we lean towards? If our files are better off in ntfs, is there a quick reliable way to transfer some of that from our archives (firewire, 85gb Maxtor external hds in a Lava enclosure) to another portable,( similar) drive to take to this mac based basement?
    What might be the best way to copy one archive to another identical drive (in the above enclosures) so that the two of us on win2000 have an accessible archive. I am waiting for a new copy of Ghost to try. Does that work for firewire(they say so). If that is used to copy, say from an ntfs filing system to fat32, do the partitions have to be limited to gb (was that the limitation in fat?).

    thanks for any insight. Now that I've been to church, I can go get a cuppa joe
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    I don't think it will matter. Are you confusing drive format with file format? If you are giving him WAV files he should be able to read them whether they were created on an NTFS or FAT32 drive. Or you could give him AIFF, again shouldn't matter what drive format you are using. Might be a different situation if your talking about him accessing your files over a network, however. Opus can give you a more definitive answer on this than I. You might also search NTFS vs. FAT32, there was a previous thread on this some time ago.
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    Macs can not read NTFS drives by default..I believe they can read FAT32 drives though. If not there is a program for Macs that can read NTFS drives...I know the one for PC is called Mac drive. I'll look into what program that is and get back to you on that.
    Otherwise a Mac can read both Aiff and Wav files. It's just that the OS reads a wav file backwards and vice versa for the PC on a aiff file. Little enden big enden it's called. Ljp can fill you in on that one more so than I can!

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