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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by jensz, Sep 5, 2006.

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    I try to use Nuendo 2 and The Grand 2 using rewire (with Maudio soundcard). When I use The Grand alone there seems to be no latency. But when I use both programs (with rewire) I get some disturbing latency (and I use ASIO drivers). Does anyone have any clue how to overcome this problem? Is it becouse of week processor?

  2. Hi Jensz,

    Please supply more information about your computer specs.

    What latency setting are you running (check in device setup) - for vstis like The Grand you want it as low as possible.

    btw - The Grand is a virtual instrument (vsti) so does not use rewire protocol, that connects audio outputs from devices like Reason, Acid, FL etc into Cubase.

    Yes, it helps to have a powerful computer to run softsynths/virtual synths and a lot of DDR ram helps too.

    Also, check your MIDI inputs and setup (some lags can be corrected by selecting 'Use System Timestamp')
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    I have a problem using The Grand with Nuendo... I would like to use The Grand as VST instrument but Nuendo doesn't recognise it as VST instrument and I don't know why... Could you help me?
  4. With VST instruments you usually locate the .dll file and drag and drop into the VST PLugins folder. WIth Steinberg daws, they often create a generic VST Plugins folder (or another audio app such as Soundforge created this) AND Cubase / Nuendo VST plugins folder. YOu need to ensure The Grand . dll file is in the NUENDO VST Plug-in folder, navigate there and check - if the .dll is in another VST Plugins folder drag and drop into : Program Files>STeinberg>Nuendo>Vstplugins folder - there may already exist a folder with A1, monologue, embracer etc vsti synths within the VSTPlugins folder, this would be a good place to put the grand .dll file for use as a vst instrument. If you cannot locate the .dll file, go back to your CD search through the folders and drag and drop a copy of it into the Program Filed>Steinberg>Nuendo>VSTPlugins folder and then it should work from within Nuendo as a vst by setting up vsts as described in the manual *ie by creating a MIDI track, then pressing F11, choosing The Grand and then in the MIDI track Inspector making sure yourMIDI output channel is set to The Grand and your MIDI channel is set to the correct channel or use ALL channels if no other vsts are being used, etc.

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