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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by jayhov, Nov 18, 2008.

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    Perhaps this issue has been dicussed.

    I own Nuendo 2, have never installed/used it, but am now thinking of doing so. I would want to install it on a new PC running Vista64 (to have more RAM). I'm also thinking that I would need to upgrade to the latest Nuendo in order to be compatible with Vista64.

    I'm open to suggestion(s) and or correction.

    Issues I should be aware of?

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    Sep 26, 2005
    I think you should wait? If all of the compatibility issues are still compatibility issues? You should wait. We all waited a couple of years after XP was introduced since it too wasn't readily adopted. It takes a couple of years for these newer operating systems to settle into the mainstream. For now, many of us are still using Windows XP 32-bit, in its various flavors except for XP 64. I think at 65 they retire? And of course a new operating system is on the horizon since Vista is in a hopeless fog. Windows 7 is on the way. Hopefully, it won't be as idiotic as Vista? Maybe it will be worse? One can only hope?

    I mean like, where are all of those computer brainiac's that know how to write code? We all need a Windows operating system without all of the stupid enhancements, accoutrements, heavy baggage. We don't care if it's against the law if you throw it out into the public domain like Linux. After all, Linux is almost identical to UNIX which costs a lot of money. Linux on the other hand can be obtained for free and customized for your specific needs. So we need a brilliant SOB who can reverse engineer, decompile and give us a happy blank screen in which to run our audio & video productions. Give it away for free and we will ingratiate you with donations that should make you fairly wealthy.

    Looking for the magic operating system
    Ms. Remy Ann David
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    Having and using both Nuendo 2.2 and Nuendo 4, I can tell you I like and use Nuendo 4 more. In addition to more mature software with better and more features, I use it on XP32, Vista32, Vista64 and Mac Book Pro as well with great cross platform compatibility. Ya, it has some bugs and quarks, but so does all DAW software. Like all obstacles, a pro learns to how work around them as necessary to get projects completed.

    I not even sure Nuendo 2 will even install or be reliable on Vista. Just bite the bullit and do the discount upgrade then you will have both.

    Keep in mind that Steinberg has dropped DXi plug capability for Cubase 4 and Nuendo 4. No big deal to me, but some are quite pissed off about that.

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