O1V and HD24 and channels 17-24?

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  1. I have inherited a recording studio project within a youth centre. Currently nothing has been put together but items (still boxed) where brought a couple of years ago. Two items are O1V and HD24. I recognise that a card is needed to connect the two things together using the optical. The MY16-AT card has been suggested. This has two sets of ins and outs for channels 1-8 then 9-16 so what happens with the 17-24 channels on the HD24? Do I loose these, so end up with a 16 track instead of a 24 track machine? Please please help me, it will be massively appreciated not only by me but by the que of 16 -18 year olds desperate to get their band in the studio. Thanks. Paul
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    If it is a 01v96 you will have 24 channels to connect to the HD24. With the MY16-AT you'll add 16 ADAT i/o to the native 8. The only thing is, that you may only be able to record 16 at a time because the 01v only has 16 A/D converters. If you would add something like a 8 channel mic-pre with ADAT out, then you would be able to record 24 tracks at the same time, if the HD24 will let you.

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